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Continued uncertainty about the decision of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to approve a proposed Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) caused a price collapse.

Today Bitcoin has accumulated a huge amount of land, dropping 8.72% of the day trading to $ 6.494.73.

Ethereum falls of 11.98% to $ 306.88.

Ripple dropped by as much as 17.83 percent to trade at $ 0.337825, while Litecoin suffered a loss of 14.05 percent selling for $ 64.07 percent.

Bitcoin prices are not able to mobilize against a wave of insecure investors waiting to see what happens with the decision of the ETF, which could eventually create or destroy the market.

BTC can recover and get the land it is expected to achieve in 2018?

6.51pm UPDATE: top exchange encryption COO on increased hashrate and bitcoin future

Following the news of Bitcoin hashrate reaching 52 quintillion of hashes per second, COO of Blockbid [19659012] David Sapper gives his insights into the future of Bitcoin and what this increased hashrate means for cryptocurrency.

Mr Sapper said: "Bitcoin hashred has accelerated growth this year, seeing a 60% increase over the last three months, which is great news for Bitcoin miners as it increases possibility of finding the next block and for investors an increase in the hashrate can lead to higher prices.

"With less than 4 million bitcoins left to mine and the premium is halved from 12.5 to 6.25 per block in May 2020, I am sure we will see the hashrate continue to increase for the foreseeable future. The halving of the past in 2012 and 2016 saw a peak in bitcoin prices in 2013 and 2017, so although offer is limited

"Hashrate is one of the key indicators of the strength of the Bitcoin network and I am extremely surprised to see that with the constant rise of the hashrate we saw the decline in Bitcoin prices to $ 7,000. bitcoin volatility will always play a fa in its price, but we hope that the price of Bitcoin will soon start to follow its expansion "

5.20pm UPDATE: the mining cryptography campaign claims more than 200,000 devices worldwide.

Paolo Passeri, Global Solutions Architect, Netskope said: "Security researchers have discovered a global cryptomining campaign that has already compromised 200,000 devices worldwide.A vulnerability in MikroTik routers is exploited by hackers, 175,000 of which have been compromised in Brazil Despite the strong concentration in South America, the infection spread rapidly throughout the world and in Moldova another 25,000 instances were discovered.

"By closely observing the way in which The attack was conducted, the vulnerability CVE-2018-14847 in the MikroTik routers were exploited by hackers injecting the Coinhive cryptocurrency mining script. Once injected, the script is then applied to all the websites visited by the users of the device, making sure that each one becomes a means to extract the Monero cryptocurrency at the expense of the victim CPU. Despite this vulnerability being restored in April, the success of this campaign shows that too many users have ignored the warning, and cybercriminals have immediately taken advantage of this opportunity. "

" Although ignorance and lack of awareness are the main contributing factors, this campaign is also highly sophisticated. The hackers showed a very thorough technical understanding of the MiroTik routers and recognized that even if a vulnerability is fixed on the day it is found, there will be enough patchless devices to profit in the following months. "

" One thing is certain, crypt criminals are relentless in their search for new and innovative ways to launch attacks and profit from their victims. Last week we witnessed another first case of Steam, when the digital video game distribution platform removed a title from its portfolio to discover that the app housed a secret cryptocurrency miner. "

3.45pm UPDATE: Bitcoin The decision of the ETF asks the question unanswered states the analyst of eToro

The continuing uncertainty about the decision of the SEC to ratify and approve the proposed bitcoin ETF has caused a drop in prices and raises a number of unanswered questions questions among the community, according to Matthew Newton, an eToro analyst.

Mr Newton said: "A green light for the bitcoin ETF would launch the starting gun on a run between institutional investors to cash this new product. The market is therefore rightly frustrated by the delay for the decision.

"But there's something bigger at stake." The persistent question mark for the SEC concerns the custody of bitcoins. "To approve the decision, they should have done so with the knowledge that the ETF was supported by physical bitcoins – archived by the CBOE or by a third party.

"Sooner or later, these incumbents or deciding whether to develop their archiving capabilities internally, or rely on cryptographic institutions. We might even start to see consolidation in the market with heavyweight houses acquiring encrypted companies. Goldman Sachs has already started discussions on custody, so look at this space.

"Along with regulatory oversight, this issue of awarding will determine the next big move in the market."

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