Bitcoin increases, ETH shows signs of weakness when XRP, BCH, EOS, XLM and LTC prepare for some bullish action


The market was on the move again yesterday, when Bitcoin managed to regain some composure and travel the rocky road to the $ 6800 highs. This break was not as violent as a pair of days ago; it seemed more natural, implying that there was a real buying pressure behind the move. At the same time, many people remain skeptical and believe that the race is about to end, at least for now.

How always, let's take a look at what some other traders had to say about Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies on the market: [19659005] Bitcoin (BTC)

CryptoWolfSignal also felt as if Bitcoin were going to exhaust the juice and have some clear objectives for the near future:

"When the levels of 6800, 6900 and 6990 are achieved, it is advisable to become short and wait for a decline, the sale can be divided into three uniform parts at these levels, we use the stop over the 7260 resistance, and the target areas for declining trade will be areas near the 5500, 5300, 5120 and 4900 levels. "

There were a couple of remarkable ideas shared on Twitter also. @EthereumAddict noted a pattern of Adam and Eve:

@CryptoCred has also published this analysis on Twitter:

"Daily closed for the first time at the top.If the breakout is real, the box blue should hold up as support and lead to higher prices.If it is another trap and the price can not stand above the interval, I will try to minimize the liquidity (red). "

Finally, @HsakaTrades shared a similar vision:

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