Bitcoin Gold: a big failure?


What is TRON?

TRON (official currency TRX) is a decentralized platform based on Blockchain and aims to build a platform for sharing digital content, eventually taking advantage of the blockchain peer to peer (p2p) system. TRON is founded by a non-profit foundation based in Singapore, and this TRON foundation is specifically seeking to distribute the global entertainment industry.

Currently, many user data and traffic handled by a few companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook and Snapchat. TRON takes some serious steps to check by reporting the ownership of the data in the hands of the creator.

Features of TRON

There are some key features of TRON, given below

  • TRON wants to heal the Internet with its entertainment features.
  • Release of data; free and uncontrolled data.
  • Content-based ecosystem, in which users can obtain digital resources from the dissemination of content.
  • Personal ICO with the ability to distribute digital resources.
  • Various infrastructures that allow the distribution of exchanges of digital resources (such as games) and marketing forecasts.

Benefits of TRON

The advantage of TRON is its good team of developers, consultants and investors. The CEO of Tron is Justin Sun, who is the protégé of Jack Ma, the founder of the Alibaba group and other advantages of the fact that the creators of data, which are the users, the central property of the data and also the users of the Tron network the right of proportional profits guaranteed by rules. Tron's idea is to administer free services platforms for the public. This is why it is operated and designed to serve the masses who love entertainment content around the world.

Investing in TRON

According to the main network system, Tron transactions should be free but, as soon as it starts, network support becomes slower. So at the moment there is a price of about 5 cents for TRX, which is 0.000005cent per transaction – you can make 200,000 transactions for TRX .

The TRON network allows you to make a huge transaction without limits. The Tron blockchain handles over 1000 transactions per second (TPS), compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin which were currently 15 and 7 TPS respectively.

  • Traditional Intelligent Contract Support

The main set of the new custom Tron is to support intelligent contracts written in languages ​​such as JAVA. These personalized smart contracts would then allow hosting programs on the Tron network, which will benefit from decentralized, fast, light and highly scalable .

As Tron is the decentralized application, so it is the number of decentralized applications aligned.

  • Consolidation of existing partners in the Tron network

Once Tron Blockchain is launched, Tron will be able to start creating applications and tokens for their current partners.

Now, if you're going to invest in TRX, this is the right time to do it. According to the recent dip in Bitcoin, many altovides included Tron, have brought down the price. Bought TRX now, when it's cheap, could lead to a serious return after the launch of Tron Main and investors are quick to refill their bags.

Future of TRON

Now, it will be interesting if you intend to invest in this project. There is also a lot of potential and money opportunities. With a long and future vision for TRX & TRON platform and it seems the final financing from investors, it is not unreasonable for those who are quite optimistic.

Note: Investments in cryptocurrency are very risky and you are required to do your research and analysis before making any investment decision. The article above shows only the opinions of the author and is not, in any way, an investment advice.

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