Bitcoin Cash [BCH] breaks the monopoly of the Bitcoin transaction [BTC]: Roger Ver


On 2 August Roger Ver, the founder of Bitcoin Cash announced that the cryptocurrency had processed more transactions in a single day than Bitcoin. He also commented on the minimum transaction fees that have been applied to users who "are much lower than BTC".

Roger Ver embarked on a war path against Bitcoin, blasting comparative tweets and ensuring that Bitcoin Money awareness spreads. The statistics shared by Ver showed that on 1 August, transactions with Bitcoin reached figures of 240,894 while Bitcoin Cash rose to 687,613 transactions.

This drastic disparity showed that users preferred faster transactions than the traditional Bitcoin process. This reference point also coincided with the first anniversary of Bitcoin's hard fork which led to the creation of Bitcoin Cash.

Alejandro de la Torre, Vice President of Business Operations at said Bitcoin Cash is far better than Bitcoin because it addresses the scalability problems associated with BTC. He added:

"The size of the largest blocks gives each block more space to include transactions, reducing waiting times and transaction costs, making the blockchain more fluid and more accessible."

The Vice President and Roger Ver are unanimous about the pure impact of Bitcoin Cash's innovations in the cryptosphere. La Torre also stated that:

"Now in its second year, is ready to help the Bitcoin Cash community shift its focus from investment, thinking only in terms of value storage, in cash , thinking as a means of exchange for traders and consumers. "

According to reports, Bitcoin Cash has grown steadily stronger with numerous updates that have occurred in recent weeks. Bitcoin Cash has also been in the news recently for reporting having revised the pricing rules on A Swiss exchange called Bity had said it had received an email from about this news.

The date of 1 August also marked the occasion when Bitcoin Cash entered nineteen services, some of which are Bitpay, Coinpayments, Coingate, Coindance, Viabtc. Cryptocurrency has also been included in 14 other cryptocurrency models, including the main ones, JoyStream, OpenBazaar, Counterparty, States reports

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