Bitcoin Bulls in Full Force, the price of Altcoins that goes out of the charts

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Today is certainly a good day in the cryptography market, given that Bitcoin has touched $ 6,500 at some point, while remaining above the crucial $ 6k level . Meanwhile, the Bitcoin hash rate is also on the rise while overcoins have a field day as the various cryptocurrencies are increasing between 30% and 50%.

Good day in crypto: Bulls strike hat hat

It's been three days since the bulls were here and kept the entire cryptocurrency market in the green. With the way things are going, it seems like the bulls are here to stay, but you never know. However, for now, the market is enjoying good returns.

As shown in the table below, Bitcoin managed to stay above $ 6k at the time of printing, changed hands to $ 6,485. With a market capitalization of $ 111 billion, it manages the daily trading volume of $ 4.8 billion.

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Although in the last two days, Bitcoin has risen to the previous level of $ 6,550 from where it fell three days ago, vegetation is good for the market.

Total capitalization reached $ 214.9 billion while the Bitcoin dominance fell to 52.4 percent as altcoins earns considerably.

From high levels, XRP is doing very well as it climbs 8.14% to $ 0.318. Ethereum (ETH) closed $ 300 with a minimum earnings of 2.16% while Stellar (XLM) managed to climb 5.87% to $ 0.229.

Cardano (ADA) increased by 6.78% while Tron (TRX) did a good job with an increase of 11.98% together with IOTA (MIOTA) and NEO (NEO) which increased by 10.60 percent each.

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Hash rate that goes out of the charts

If we take a look at the hash rate, it is steadily increasing despite the fall in the price of bitcoins. And an increase in the hash rate shows the profitability of Bitcoin mining while keeping the miners busy.

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Source: bitinfocharts .com

According to Bloomberg, Genesis Mining CEO, Marco Streng,

"There are still big expansions that happen, especially from more efficient miners." The expansion is so big that it compensates for the abandonment of miners not very efficient. "

David Sapper, the COO of cryptographic exchange, Blockbid Pty Ltd. shared," The increase in the rate of hashes means that people are here for the long run because they are happy to accumulate only what they have, potentially even at a loss ". But it also means that sometimes they have to "clear house and dump".

The winners flying to the roof

However, at the time of writing, the most spectacular performance was VeChain (VET) which gained a good 35 percent and reached $ 0.14.

Ontology rises tremendously with an increase of 51.64% to $ 2.40, while Zilliqa (ZIL) enjoys gains of 32% to $ 0.039.

More than 50%, Nano (NANO) is sitting at $ 1.86 and ICON (ICX) is climbing at a rate of 24 percent while riding $ 0.69. Waltonchain (WTC) and Wanchain (WAN) also increased by more than 20 percent.

With a huge gain of 75 percent, Cortex (CTXC) is at $ 0.47. The bulls even have Verge (XVG) up 20 percent to $ 0.014.

So overall it was a good day inexperienced by the cryptography market!


  Bullcoin of Bitcoin in full force, price of Altcoins that goes beyond the rankings


Bullcoin Bitcoin in Full Force, The price of Altcoins is going off the charts

Description [19659032] Today is certainly a good day in the cryptography market, as Bitcoin hit $ 6,500 at some point, while remaining above the crucial $ 6k level. Meanwhile, the Bitcoin hash rate is also increasing while overcoins are having a field day as the various cryptocurrencies are increasing between 30 and 50 percent.



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