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Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH] Trading on Binance Jersey has seen "a crazy question", says CEO CZ

The roller coaster movement of the roller coaster market has captured the attention of many people, including investors and popular supporters in space. Bitcoin [BTC], the largest cryptocurrency in the market, saw a massive collapse below the $ 4000 point that triggered the bear race in progress. Reports show that if the bear continues to work for another three weeks, it will be the longest bear in the history of Bitcoin.

Although affected by problems, the applications and associated platforms have witnessed an astonishing increase in business and one of these is Binance, the largest exchange of cryptocurrencies on the planet. The exchange of Changpeng Zhao has made a lot of news in recent weeks, since the launch of its bag to dear connections with various cryptographic companies.

The latest product of Binance is Jersey Binance, based in Jersey, where the cryptocurrency is experiencing a "crazy question". Zhao, more popularly known as CZ, had said that the exchange was "overwhelmed" by the registrations, even though the UK struggles to handle the Brexit situation.

Binance Jersey will allow users to exchange Euro and British Pound [GBP] with Bitcoin and Ethereum [ETH], with the possibility of using the asset management services. CZ had tweeted:

"Binance.je is overwhelmed by the recordings, there is already a backlog of KYC (Know Your Customer) checks.More resources are allocated to reduce it.We meanwhile appreciate your understanding and patience.Simply crazy! One thing we do" well "is underestimating ourselves and the market ".

Also the Chief Financial Officer of Binance [CFO], Wei Zhou, expressed his opinion on the situation by saying:

"The expansion of cryptocurrency markets with fiat currencies in the European region is opening up new economic opportunities for Europeans, as well as freedom from the uncertainty of Brexit, where even the pound and the euro are worried Through Binance Jersey, we want to help connect the crypto-fiat channel for Europe and the UK as part of our global expansion to support the adoption of broader cryptocurrencies. "

The UK has had a very on-off relationship with cryptocurrencies, with positive relationships mixed with negative ones. A big recovery in terms of digital resources and the United Kingdom was the news of the British Santander Bank that received British Pounds from Akbank, a Turkish bank that uses Ripple's blockchain technology. Olga Ulutaş, executive vice president in charge of Direct Banking, said:

"Now we have started to transfer money from GBP via Ripple to Santander UK with the Blockchain infrastructure.With this important technology, our customers will now benefit from the possibility of transferring money in international money transfers at a much lower cost" .

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