Bitcoin [BTC] Ethereum [ETH] Ripple [XRP] Pricing analysis for the week from 30 July to 5 August


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Bears return to stiffness bringing the prices of BTC under 7000 USD as an OKEx clawback in 416 million dollars of trade gone bad, the biggest liquidation of the future in the crypt chronology.

Bitcoin's ETF debate continues as the SEC Commissioner files public dissent while most people on the street believe in delaying the ETF. Binance Acquires Trustwallet and the NYSE parent ICE announces the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Creditors of Mt.Gox agree on a repayment

Well, whatever the bulls have earned in the last two weeks has come down like a sand castle, the bears have hammered and hammered hard to make it go down the price of BTC, a weekly maximum of about 8400 USD up to now, what is, less than 7000. Much of this collapse is connected to the largest settlement of BTC futures made by OKEx because a large order of USD 416 remained dissatisfied forcing the exchange to perform a clawback.

The long-awaited approval date of the ETF is approaching, which is now mostly on the road and assumes that it is postponed until the end of 2018 or at the beginning of 2019. SEC Commissioner Hester Pierce presented his public dissent against the decision of the Winklevoss twins The rejection of Bitcoin's ETF hoping that his dissent would clarify the next cryptographic ETF application.

In the latest additions of traditional companies planning the encrypted business, the parent company of the NYSE Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) launched its new initiative called Bakkt which would work to create a Bitcoin ecosystem to increase accountability of bitcoins . For this, he collaborated with Microsoft and Starbucks. Another name added to the encrypted investment was Northern Trust, a Chicago-based institution with over $ 10 trillion in assets under management, which said it is hiring aid for hedge funds investing in cryptocurrencies.

Finally, Binance made its first acquisition by acquiring Trust Wallet with the aim of expanding its services. Some cases of relief in the Mt Gox case as creditors accept a rebate of $ 1.3 billion in BCH, BTC, No Altcoin, by summer 2019.

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Bitcoin [BTC]

Since reaching the monthly highs last week, Bitcoin has withdrawn, with the price of the currently active sitting under 7000 USD, or about $ 1500 from the peak seen last week. The decline, what it seems is a fusion of technical and fundamental indicators. The ETF is still in a state of uncertainty and the uncertainty around it still with most believers can postpone its decision. Prices hit the highest point of USD 8,235.50 and the lowest point of USD 6,984.07 during the week. The most active trades, in volumes, with BTC on several pairs this week were BitForex (25.81%), Binance (2.18%) and Bitfinex (1.90%). While this summed up the point there was a sudden sprint in the BitMex derivative segment with a volume of 32.03%

This week Mike Novogratz gave some of his analysis and forecasts while he said that for bitcoin to hit 10k needs law enforcement and clarity post that believes that bitcoin could hit 20k. In addition, Mark Yusko, the founder of Morgan Creek Capital Management, based in North Carolina, claimed to be stuck to his $ 25,000 bitcoin price target.

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Ethereum [ETH]

While Bitcoin continued its downward move, Ethereum also had to bear the weight with a loss of nearly 13% this week. Network congestion continues with a new smart contract, this time it's smart contracts that belong to the MOS Lottery, a lottery service and a betting mechanism. It is slowly becoming normal for Ethereum's blockchain to remain congested. In the days of considerable congestion, the Ethereum blockchain can have a single intelligent contract that consumes up to 40% of the gas on the Ethereum network. The problem does not seem to end for Ethereum. Prices at the top this week were at USD 467.95 and were at USD 399.91 (19659018) lows being in this narrow range. The markets that were most active, in volumes, with ETH on various pairs this week were BitForex (24.85%), ZB.COM (3.25%) and Binance (3.11%)

In the news surrounding Ethereum was Minds + Machine Group Limited (MMX), owner of the new high-level generic Internet domains (gTLD), recently announced that it has joined an "exclusive agreement" that will allow Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to acquire a "higher level" domain. "Status, a messenger from Ethereum, trying to bring mass adoption to Ethereum, announced the launch of Nimbus, is a new customer with" special attention to sharding. "And some support for Ethereum from Binance Changpeng CEO "CZ" Zhao who said that Ethereum (ETH) will surpass other intelligent contract platforms to maintain its dominance in the near future.

Ripple [XRP]

Since he was not participating in the move to BTC's high, XRP also did not participate in the downstream.The currency had a sentimental correction, but it did not go down like Ether and BTC. Among the bloodbaths, the 5% decline near the XRP seemed modest. The phantom of being defined as security is not ready to leave the XRP as prices remain negative and the currency seems to have been stuck in that interval, a kind of area in its own right. XRP prices amounted to $ 0.459134 e downward they have quoted USD 0.427125. The most active exchanges, in terms of volumes, with XRP on several pairs this week were Coinsuper (9.77%), Huobi (8.63%) and Binance (8.51%).

Despite not having had a large price movement, XRP managed to collect some news as Coinbase added XRP to its custody operation giving a very minute ray of hope that XRP could come to Coinbase exchange in the future. In other news, the largest Indian bank with a 23% market share in assets and controlled a quarter of the total market for loans and deposits in the Country State Bank of India (SBI), is ready to begin to facilitate cross-border payment with Ripple.

Other promoters and agitators

The other coins that have reached the top and the bottom this week according to Coin Market Cap (access on August 5 at 10:15 pm IST) have been

Removals [19659027] SRCOIN – Showing a 281.38% increase

  • empowr coin – Showing a 126.34% increase
  • The Abyss – Showing an increase of 95.00%
  • Agitators [19659027] Scrolling – Showing a decrease of 66.56% [19659028] DMarket – Reduction of 55.49%

  • MobileGo – 55.12% reduction
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      Bitcoin [BTC] Ethereum [ETH] Ripple [XRP] Analysis of prices for the week from 30 July to 5 August


    Bitcoin [BTC] Ethereum [ETH] Ripple [XRP] Analysis of prices for the week from 30 July to 5 August


    Bears come back stiff bringing the prices of BTC under 7000 USD as OKEx clawback in USD416 million trades gone wrong – the greatest liquidation of the future in the history of the crypt.



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