Better than Speedy Gonzales: Raikkonen overtakes 11 cars in one lap | video



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Some Formula 1 races can be particularly boring, especially when they take place on circuits where overtaking is impossible. However, not all races are like that and Finnish driver Kimi Raikonnen proved it at the Portuguese Grand Prix on 25 October.

That day, on the Algarve circuit, all eyes were caught by the victory of Lewis Hamilton, who with his victory became the F1 driver with the most races won. The British driver has in fact surpassed the legendary Michael Schumaher in this sense.

However, Kimi Raikkonen, who at his age of 41 could be considered a veteran driver, also held a master class behind the wheel. Thus, the Finnish driver started the race from the position number 17, which gave little hope of seeing him score points for the drivers’ world championship.

But the Finn had other plans: already on the first lap of the Raikkonen race managed to pass 11 cars of his opponents. As can be seen in the video recorded from his car, this veteran driver managed to find overtaking pits where others can’t see them and showed impressive skills behind the wheel.

Kimi Raikkonen is currently the oldest driver on the circuit and at the same time the most experienced a total of 327 races disputed. In 2018, the Finnish driver left the team Ferrari and became part of Alfa Romeo.


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