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Date 16 of the BetPlay League was played from Saturday to Monday. In total there were 10 games with 33 goals, but the only ones not to celebrate a single score were Cúcuta and Pereira.

As usual, in FUTBOLRED we bring you a summary with the highlights that this date 16 has left in Colombian football.


Santa Fe continues with good results and has achieved a very good result on local conditions which brings it closer to the top. After the 3-1 victory against Chicó, he reached the second box of the championship.

Cali remained undefeated after a great match in which they beat Medellín 2-3. The sugar team continues to be the only unbeaten in Colombian football and is already third in the standings with 30 points.

Equidad moved up to eighth after beating Tolima, who continues to lead the league. The people of the capital won 1-2 on their visit to Ibagué.

America was not burdened by the elimination of the Copa Libertadores and beat Deportivo Pasto 3-2, fourth in the standings. This triumph helped the red to establish herself in the classified partial.

Millonarios got a draw against Junior with a good match, despite having many casualties on his payroll. Blue continues to show good play, but doesn’t win.

The bad

The draw between Millonarios and Junior hurt the Barranquilla team the most, leaving the partial classified in the championship, but ninth. Very unstable about the shark.

Of the four teams from Antioquia, only one has won. It was Rionegro Águilas, who beat Pereira 1-0. Envigado drew 3-3 with Alianza Petrolera. Medellín, at home, loses 2-3 with Cali. Nacional lost to Patriotas 2-1 on the road.

Green continues with many doubts and now not even the results accompany him. He lost to Patriotas, who had not won a match this season until this date. The criticisms of Juan Carlos Osorio and the Greens continue.

The ugly

There was an attack by Steve Makuka on Michel Ramos in the classic between Bucaramanga and Cúcuta. The referees did not see the action and decided with yellow for the Uruguayan, but for the action he deserved the red, even if he did not hit him very hard. Jefferson Martinez also did not perform well.

The controversy spawned Marlon Torres’ statements after beating Pasto. Although the player arrived at the press conference with great joy, the journalists’ questions drove him crazy and he expressed a rudeness that some did not like.


The use of the VAR on this date deserves a separate chapter. This technology appeared in Junior vs. Millionaires and Medellín vs. Dips; in both it generated controversy.

The match between Junior and Millionaires was very slow due to the use of technology. Wilmar Roldán communicated several times with his assistants about games that did not deserve any kind of consideration and assistant ownership was missing to sanction clearly invalidated games.

There was also controversy in Medellín vs Cali. Technology intervened in three key plays of the game: two were penalties and one was not penalized. The one who didn’t get sanctioned for Cali went to a Medellín goal, but the fact that they didn’t impose a penalty for the sugar producers generated a lot of controversy.


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