"Bethlehem Live" arrives in Killarney


The Calvary Baptist Church in Killarney will present an interactive representation of the times during the days of Christ's birth. The cast members recreated a type of open-air theater, to allow the public to participate in this guided tour called "live Bethlehem".

Jonathon Gillis, is the Set Coordinator (and a member of the cast) for the event. He says that "Bethlehem Live" will be a representation of what life was like at the time.

"& # 39; Bethlehem Live & # 39; is like a picture of what was happening at the time of Jesus' birth. It is showing the oppression of the Romans on the Jewish nation and some of what was happening in the days before the birth of Jesus. "

"There will be church members here dressed in Bethlehem clothes that will take you for a ride," explains Gillis. "It will seem, and hopefully, you will feel (less time) as if you were in Bethlehem: we have shepherds, sheep, children on the market, people who wander, sold merchandise and the crib".

The director, Corrie Wiesner, had attended the same event many years ago with her house church in Brandon, the McDiarmid Alliance Church, and inspired the members of the Killarney church to be part of this unique way of presenting the true meaning of Christmas .

"In the last few years I have simply thought it would be really nice for our church to offer something similar in our community. Last Christmas I came up with an idea for a script so I wrote it down and that was the first draft very rough. "

"I was amazed at the number of people who got on board, all excited, and by the way so many things are going, so many hands have already contributed, I'm really excited!

"We invite anyone and anyone to come to church immediately after the Santa's parade, and you will be" registered "as if you were enrolled at a table in a restaurant, and then we will meet with a tour guide who will take you out, so make sure you be dressed well and warm. "

From tax collectors, pastors and angels, to a loving innkeeper of the Inn, the cast tries to make your experience "Bethlehem live" as enjoyable as possible.

"We will take you through the crib," says Wiesner, "including live animals and lots of adventure, so it will be a lot of fun! After the tour, people will be invited back to the church to warm up with some hot chocolate and apple cider.

"Bethlehem live" will be presented immediately after the Santa Claus parade on Friday night, November 30th at 9:15 pm. The presentation will continue on Saturday, December 1st, from 6:30 am to 8:15 pm. This event is free.

To register your group, come to Calvary Baptist Church at 310 Mountain Ave, Killarney.

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