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Best options for Bitcoin payment providers to use

The major cryptocurrency debit cards of 2019: the best options for Bitcoin payment providers to use

The list of merchants who accept cryptographic coins is still expanding slowly, but there are already several pleasant possibilities in which you can purchase material with Bitcoin.

And even more, the Blockchain ecosystem is proving reliable and has led some companies to produce Bitcoin debit cards.

  • Shift: Shift is positioned as "the first US Bitcoin debit card". The company provides a debit card linked to your Coinbase account. The card is available in 46 of the 50 US states at the moment.

    The card costs $ 20 to produce and has no maintenance fee. There is a 3% international transaction fee and a minimum bank withdrawal fee of $ 2.5 ($ 3.5 for international withdrawals). The Shift debit card is accepted in any payment terminal supported by Visa.

  • WageCan: the founders of this Bitcoin debit card have a strong technical background. It is available for the United States and many other European countries that are connected to over 30 million ATMs worldwide. It has also integrated some hyperlocal services. The card ordering price is quite high at $ 225 and has a 2.5% debit card charge set to a minimum of $ 3.
  • Bitpay: for US residents there is an option to use Bitpay Bitcoin debit card. The card is available in all 50 US states. You need to have a home address, an identity document issued by the government and a social security number to apply. The card costs a flat rate of $ 9.95 and takes about 7 days to arrive at the post office.

    There are no transaction fees for the Bitpay card. The Bitpay card only supports Bitcoin. If you are using card outside the United States, you will need to pay a 3% conversion fee. If you withdraw money from your card you will pay a commission of $ 2 ($ 3 outside the United States). There are also additional deposits and postal charges.

  • WireX: Formerly known as E-coin, the company was renamed Wirex in 2016. The company provides a Visa Chip & Pin debit card that can be uploaded via the Wirex app (desktop or mobile). The card can be loaded with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC).

    The card balance can be converted into USD, EUR or GBP. The card is available to all EEI residents and will soon be available in North America and Asia. The card can be used wherever Visa is accepted. There is a $ 2.5 for withdrawing ATMs in Europe and $ 3.5 outside of it. Account management costs $ 1.5 per month.

In addition to these established exchanges, Fuzex, Crypto.com and Aximetria have their advantages.

It is often the best solution to evaluate what works well for where you live and what brings you the lowest taxes.

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