Bernardo Silva launched the earthquake in Luz and the reactions may not stop there


B.ernardo Silva is the subject of the world in the Benfica universe. Manchester City’s Portuguese international has released a statement, Monday, in which he asked for a change of incarnate Presidency which, it must be remembered, will go to the vote on Wednesday, tomorrow. Although he thanked Luís Filipe Vieira “for rebuilding Benfica”, Bernardo Silva also pointed the finger at the “lack of transparency and respect for partners” and further condemned “the schemes, the lies, the attempts to approve the match. illegal acquisition (fortunately failed) would be a shame, a clear assault on the club’s coffers for the benefit of singles. ”

Bernardo Silva’s stance quickly began to make a lot of ink on sports press and on reaction Luís Filipe Vieira was not long in coming.

THE current president of Eagles and even a candidate read the statement of the player trained in Seixal and did not like it. In interview with Rádio Renascença, Vieira has made no secret of being injured by Bernardo Silva, but believes that it was not the Portuguese international who wrote the contents of the statement.

“It certainly wasn’t him who wrote that text. It’s unthinkable. Someone used it and was willing to do it. supportswherever it is because it is benfiquista. Now, there is one thing: he does not know what the reality of Benfica is now, if he had not written what he wrote because it is quite unfair and I am very hurt “, Vieira began to regret, only to remember a meeting with which he had last Sunday 26 years.

“One day we will meet. I don’t know what made him change his mind. When he greeted me at the hotel Tivoli he hugged me and thanked me for everything I had done for him. But that one day later we will meet again, because since he left I have met him ten times, and we will certainly talk about this. I will keep this article for him to explain to me personally why he wrote it and if he really thinks about me, “said the president of Eagles.

Noronha Lopes applauded

The words of Bernardo Silva, transmitted through social media, have acquired dimension on those same platforms and João Noronha Lopes, candidate in the elections embodied, he applauded Bernardo Silva’s attitude.

“Great Bernardo. At Benfica. Champion on and off the pitch. It’s time to change that. Glória is Agora”, wrote Noronha Lopes on the social network Twitter.

Jorge Jesus calls him ungrateful

Hours later, it was Jorge Jesus’ turn to speak on the subject of the … moment. After the Benfica triumph over Belenenses SAD (2-0), in a match that ended the 5th round of the I Liga, the coach of Eagles the content of Bernardo Silva’s statement was asked and ended up revealing the reasons that led the current Manchester City player to leave Benfica. Jorge Jesus even believes that Bernardo Silva is “ungrateful”.

“For many years I have never wanted to talk much about the Bernardo Silva issue. He also messed me up from the point of view of coach and player. With me everything is fine now, with the president of the club who helped him grow, where he gives great qualities. to the young people that allows them to go out in better clubs, it is very ungrateful. There are many flaws, but the worst you can do is to be ungrateful “, JJ began at the press conference, continuing.

“I was a coach of Benfica and I brought Bernardo to the main team. Bernardo comes to me and asks me about his ideas about him. He asked me if I wanted to play. I replied: ‘If you play? Nico comes out. [Gaitán] and you play? Go out Salvio and you play? No, what do you want me to do? “I ask you to let me out, I have a contract 20 times bigger in Munich and I want to help my family”. “Then talk to the president.” If you listen to me … This is the truth about Bernardo leaving Benfica. It wasn’t because he was left back. The left back has already done so Everton in training, to learn how to defend yourself. He was ungrateful to the president of Benfica. I didn’t know how to compensate for what Benfica and the president did for him “, criticized Jorge Jesus.

Red elections

With the elections scheduled for tomorrow, Luís Filipe Vieira faces three opponents in another election. João Noronha Lopes (list B), Luís Miguel David (list C) and Rui Gomes da Silva (list D) will have to overcome the enduring status of Luís Filipe Ferreira Vieira (list A), who came to power in 31st place October 2003, with 90.47% of the votes, succeeds Manuel Vilarinho.

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