Because Ripple XRP can reach $ 1 sooner than you think



Since Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have appeared and established domain, most of the altcoins have struggled for bare survival. Conditions were rarely crypto-friendly, especially in previous years, when the criptos were still unknown and largely suspicious.

The scrambled market was in chaos, and each crypt did its best to remain relevant. Some of them have succeeded in doing it, others have not, and they have disappeared, or have sunk into the depths of the lists of the markets, never seen before (on significant positions). This chaotic environment was still very present when Ripple (XRP) appeared for the first time, yet this crypt managed to land in third place on CoinMarketCap's list and has since remained there.

This is quite a result, especially since Ripple managed to maintain this position throughout the bear market for over half a year. However, many have begun to wonder if Ripple can ever reach his glory days

Returning to January, when the encryption prices were still at their maximum, Ripple reached almost $ 4. However, soon thereafter, prices fell and Ripple fell below $ 1. Even now, the price of the currency is only at $ 0.439016. However, this does not mean that Ripple has given up, and the crypt continues to make progress in preparation for a new price hike

The new price increases more than possible

Just a few weeks ago, Bitcoin (BTC) brought a another peak in encrypted prices, rising by $ 2,000 in just 2 days and rising to $ 8,200. It did not last long, but many believe that other cryptic events have stopped its price increase. Despite the fact that the bull race is over, at least for now, many have taken the fact that it has happened as an indicator that the market is finally ready for a serious recovery period.

If it were true, then August could bring a new, even more serious rush to the bull. If this happens, then Ripple will surely be among the coins that will benefit most from the change. As already mentioned, Ripple did not spend the previous six months sitting down to do anything. Instead, his team has worked hard on creating new products, improving old ones and entering numerous partnerships with large financial institutions.

Ripple has become known as a crypt for banks wishing to offer a chance to the scrambled, but also to those who simply wish to remain relevant. The technology behind money management is changing and those financial institutions that have decided to accept this have turned to Ripple for help. Obviously, Ripple has provided, thus securing a future in the financial sector, regardless of what happens with most of the encrypted world.

With all these improvements, new partnerships and Ripple's previous performance, the currency has a very good chance of hitting $ 1 as soon as the market allows it. All you need now is another positive event that will blow up another bull run, and many scrambled, including Ripple, could even reach their record prices.

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