Because MagSafe charges at 15W only when using Apple’s 20W adapter in early tests


He MagSafe wireless charger It is one of the flagship accessories of this generation. It uses magnets to perfectly align the terminal to charge it to a maximum of 15W. However, reaching this limit has been found to require pairing with Apple’s 20W charger or equivalent.

If not, the loading speed will be slower. This is clear from the tests carried out by the Zollotech YouTube channel, reinforced by a support document from Apple itself.

MagSafe and charge the iPhone 12 at 15W.

According to tests carried out by Aaron Zollo, creator of this YouTube channel, there are two adapters that charge the iPhone 12 at high speed when using MagSafe. That’s the 18W included with the iPhone 11 Pro last year, and the new 20W adapter sold separately in the Apple Store.

Thanks to this video, let’s see how the youtuber uses a power meter to calculate the load via MagSafe. So when do we use a 20W adapter, MagSafe charges a maximum of 15W (up to 16W in the video). If we use Apple’s 18W, the power drops to around 13W and it costs more to hit that limit.

When using other power adapters, the results are worse. Using the 96W adapter from a MacBook Pro, MagSafe only charges at 10W., while those of other brands reach between 6 and 9 watts. Some differences that point towards specific requirements, which we will see below.

Several tests indicate that a specific charging profile is required to get the most out of MagSafe

The MagSafe also adapts according to the temperature reached during charging. So that to protect hardware and battery, it may slow down. It is also assumed that this charger is capable of charging other iPhones at 7.5W, although in its tests this was not the case and only reached 5W (a software update is very likely required for this).

The reason MagSafe slows down


From this year, no iPhone model has an adapter power supply included in the package. Apple has decided to withdraw it for ecological reasons, claiming that there are more than 2 billion of them created by Apple in the world. Therefore, the user who wants to take advantage of the maximum load of the MagSafe in an iPhone 12 will have to resort to Apple’s 20W USB-C power supply.

An Apple support document indicates that to make the most of the MagSafe load you need to have an adapter that meets certain characteristics

This is not exclusive to the Apple adapter. We can find others from third parties, which will surely emerge more from now on, provided they meet certain characteristics. According to the MagSafe accessories support page itself and as this other document shows, they are as follows:

  • Frequency: 50 to 60 Hz; One phase.
  • Line voltage: 100 to 240 VAC
  • Output current / voltage: DC 9V / 2.2A
  • Minimum current output: 20W.
  • Output port: USB-C.

Here's what the iPhone 12 Pro looks like in peaceful blue - the new color of this generation

Other adapters that don’t meet these requirements will continue to charge iPhone 12 via MagSafe. Yup, the charging speed will not be the best possible. A point to keep in mind if you want to make the most of this accessory.

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