Bartomeu, president of the club, resigns in Barcelona


Josep Maria Bartomeu and the board of directors, who had been president of the Spanish club Barcelona since 2014, have resigned.

Bartomeu, criticized by some footballers of the team, especially Lionel Messi in Barcelona, ​​has submitted his resignation due to developments after the signings of the club members to lower the board of directors.

Bartomeu at his press conference “I am presenting to resign myself and other board members. This is our joint decision.” She said.

Stating that it is not possible to hold a referendum in Barcelona within 15 days for the proposal submitted by over 20,000 club members for the demise of the board, Bartomeu said the club’s selection committee “pressure to take legal action against the board of directors” he said they decided to step down later.


Bartomeu, “The board’s will was never to keep their place in the club. It was easy to step down after being knocked out in the Champions League (8-2 v Bayern Munich), but we had to secure the club’s future in a global crisis. unprecedented Who could sign with the manager or the players, who could keep Messi going or set salaries? found in the description.

Stating that Barcelona will hold presidential elections as soon as possible according to the director, Bartomeu said that if there were no legal developments regarding the referendum, they would have no reason to step down before the elections announced in March and leave the management of the club vacant.

Noting that all allegations made by opposing club members about himself and other board members who had been exposed to insults and threats were “false”, Bartomeu said he was proud to serve Barcelona, ​​which won 149. cups in all sports branches since 2010, He said he would remain a member of the club.

Referring to the initiatives in favor of independence in Catalonia, Bartomeu said.It was our duty to manage Barcelona during one of the most shocking periods of the club and of Catalonia. Institutionally, we have supported freedom of expression and the right to decide one’s own future “. She said.

In the presidential elections to be held in Barcelona after Bartomeu, the strongest candidates are Victor Font, Agusti Benedito, Lluis Fernandez and Jordi Farre.


The interim administration to be appointed will determine the date of the elections in Barcelona.

Lionel Messi, who returned from this decision and remained in Barcelona due to the management who wanted to leave the team at the beginning of the season but stipulated a unilateral release fee of 700 million euros, criticized Bartomeu for not keeping his promise in the his statements to the press.

He made statements criticizing Luis Suarez, transferred to Atletico Madrid, and Gerard Pique de Bartomeu, one of Barcelona’s important footballers.


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