Aries horoscope – Wednesday 11 November 2020 | Aries horoscopes


For many reasons, you should stay balanced if things suddenly don’t turn out the way you thought they would. It seems that the fact that Mercury is going directly into Scorpio is causing your energy to move, it is wise to be wrong and for that reason you shouldn’t feel bad about suddenly changing your ideas.

The moon continues to wane, less illuminated every day, but not for this reason with less energy intensity, for you, today, its influence would leave a little desperation for not having achieved your goals as you wish.

Suddenly you become too methodical, so you limit yourself in certain things, in order to achieve the lost goals.

Forecast for the day: Honestly, you might have everything in your favor, because despite what people say, about the fact that everything on the outside moves with influences, in your case it doesn’t.

You have been struggling to get what you have and will continue to do so, this is what the passing of signs from Virgo to Libra suddenly refers to, generating a feeling of claw, strength and energy.

You may suddenly be amazed, it is possible that the trine between the Moon and Pluto, which arises today, leaves a good energy in your emotions.

Mostly you would have realized that you were constantly making weird decisions, that weren’t exactly bad, in the sense of relating to people who have nothing to do with you. With your great luck you can get out of those bad energies with these characters who feel liberated.

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One of the best tips you might have today is to change some foods in your diet that aren’t exactly the healthiest.

Despite what has been said, garlic, in excessive quantities, could cause stomach irritation and unpleasant body sensations.

You might start by recognizing how important it is to know if you are allergic to any food. For this you will orient yourself with a specialist.

Extraordinary day, especially if of your interest, to generate many more options than you would have thought before. Directly associated with economic growth, that’s why you would have lucky number eight, which would undoubtedly attract various energies related to money.

To multiply it, start by bringing an amethyst and a green quartz with you. It would be a great option for attracting money.

Of all the people who have managed to stay at work, you are one of them. You may feel privileged despite the chaos and fear it could generate, suddenly having uncertainty and not knowing the direction in which to stay in the same workplace would lead you until now.

For your good energies, today more than ever you could fill yourself with the illumination of the transit of signs that would undoubtedly guide you to move forward with a decisive step.

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Torque forecast for today Wednesday
If you are in couple: a good time to clarify with your partner points you disagree with.
If you are single: It would be a good idea if you take it upon yourself to meet anyone who wants to introduce you.
Sexual energy level: Moderate.

Love: Sagittarius or fire signs.
Friendship: Leo or fire signs.
Hard and tiring work: Taurus or earth signs.

Tolerance level: Moderate.
Who you might get in tension with: it is better to stay away from an Aquarius.


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