Application for the development of artificial intelligence models from Microsoft


Microsoft has released a free application that can create an artificial intelligence model without writing a single line of code. The application only works on users’ computers without communicating with any cloud units.

We have come across terms like artificial intelligence and machine learning quite often, especially in recent years. However, Microsoft seems to want to increase this frequency further. The company does not write any code. train machine learning models has posted a free public preview of a free app that will help you.

Published for Windows and Mac operating systems Lobe This desktop application named, currently only supports image sorting. But Microsoft’s plans include expansion to other models and data types.

Microsoft’s free artificial intelligence application

the lobe, Microsoft's free artificial intelligence app

The application is described on the Lobe website as follows: Just show an example of what you want me to learn. Automatically runs a custom machine learning model that can be loaded into your application. “

When you download the app, the first thing you need to do is upload and tag the images you want Lobe to recognize. The application then chooses a compatible open source machine learning architecture for the dataset e start training the model on your computer. You can also review the model’s performance with real-time visual results, provide feedback to its predictions, and correct coding errors.

After training, templates can be exported and user choices can be uploaded to the platform. Microsoft said early adopters used Lobe to develop apps that can detect damage information, identify species that invade hives such as wasps, or send alerts to people when garage doors are left open.

You can access and download from the Lobe website here. You can also learn how to use the application and train the machine learning model from the video above.


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