Apple wants you to spend more money on enjoying the MagSafe wireless charger


Apple has brought a new accessory for the iPhone 12. It is a MagSafe wireless charger that allows you to charge your smartphone at a speed of 15W.

However, what may go unnoticed by most users is that purchasing this wireless charger will not be enough to enjoy these 15W. To make this possible, you’ll still need to purchase the Apple 20W Wall Adapter.

iPhone 12 MagSafe

An adapter that will have to be purchased separately and will cost 25 €. In other words, this is the amount you will have to add to the amount spent on your iPhone 12 and MagSafe wireless charger (45 €).

The MagSafe wireless charger only reaches 15W with an Apple 20W adapter.

It was through a video from the Zollotech channel on Youtube that this unfortunate conclusion was reached. Even using other adapters with much higher speeds, you can’t get the much desired 15W of wireless charging.

As shown in the video above, any other 18W Apple charger limits the wireless charging speed to 13W. A third charger with a maximum speed of 96W will only be able to provide a maximum charging speed of 10W.

In short, if you want to charge your iPhone 12 wirelessly at 15W, you’ll even need to buy MagSafe and Apple’s 20W adapter. There’s no turning back and this is yet another demonstration of how Apple manages to coerce its users to spend even more.

At the presentation of the iPhone 12, Apple promised that third parties will be able to launch their own accessories compatible with MagSafe technology. It will be interesting to see if anyone will be able to bridge this addiction or at least offer a cheaper accessory for it.

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