Apple is suing a woman who spent nearly $ 2,000 on the app


A Apple was being sued by a Connecticut woman, Karen Workman, for presumably “Promote, allow and earn” with app of gambling. The boy refers to a free app from the App Store, “Jackpot Mania”, which was downloaded by Workman in 2017.

Workman has decided to sue Apple for spending $ 3,312.19 (about 2,800 euros) in the past six months. The complainant indicates this, although Apple does not allow it app by gambling in your online store, in ‘Jackpot Mania’ you can use real money to have a chance to win virtual coins to play longer.

Workman’s attorney now wants Apple to pay back the amount Workman spent total, to which they add their commissions. “Apple is not a minor or accidental participant in these illegal gambling. He is the main promoter and facilitator of activities illegal. Apple maintains dictatorial control over which applications can be downloaded from the App Store and the payment method for purchase on elements of app“Says the lawyer according to the Apple Insider.

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