Apple has given up on its 15-year partnership with Intel


Apple is the fourth-largest PC maker in terms of deliveries, according to a Gartner estimate, so the plan to use its chips in its full range of laptops and desktops, first announced in June, is a major blow to Intel.

Apple chips are based on ARM technology, as opposed to the x86 architecture used by Intel chips. ARM was originally designed for mobile devices, and chips made with ARM designs are more efficient, leading to longer battery life. On a laptop, this could mean a few more hours away from the socket.

But that’s just one of the reasons Apple is changing its processors.

Another reason is Apple’s strategy of owning the core technologies. Apple CEO Tim Cook has often said the company has a “long-term strategy to own and control the primary technologies behind the products we make.”

Apple has invested heavily in its processor department, including major acquisitions, starting at $ 278 million for PA Semi in 2008 and, most recently, $ 1 billion for part of Intel’s modem division in 2019. Since 2010 it has been developing its own processors for the iPhone. , iPad and Apple Watch. Now bring the same technology to laptops and desktops.

Apple says its processors allow for better performance and longer battery life than it could get using Intel chips.

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