Apparently, the CEO of Sky Mining disappears with $ 35 million in funding


According to the Vietnamese media, Sky Mining CEO Le Minh Tam reported losing over $ 35 million in corporate funds and capital.

Sky Mining – a cloud-based mining services company – hires mining platforms for prices ranging from $ 100 to $ 5,000 USD in monthly fees

According to initial reports, Tam has issued orders for Sky's head office Mining – located in Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh – to be cleaned up, leaving investors trying to contact the company to find

Investors have recovered about 600 drilling rigs owned by the company located in a nearby district.

Spaking to the media, Sky Mining Vice-President Le Minh Hieu joked that "[The board] reported this to the police and showed that we are not guilty, we are victims"

In the meantime, Hieu formed a temporary council with the idea of ​​recovering lost property.

On July 25, Tam first ruffled tailfeathers through a public post that cited that due to a volatile cryptocurrency market and greater difficulty in achieving profitability, Sky Mining will pledge to repay investors.

Tam disappeared shortly thereafter, although the business man apparently resurfaced on a group of Sky Mining Telegram, in which the business man claimed to be currently subjected to "emergency medical treatment" and will return to Vietnam.

Speaking to investors, Tam offered "I will contact you as soon as possible so that all the workshops are financially feasible and convenient. The machines will work again and you will have money, thanks for your cooperation. I'm not running or leaving, I'll be back soon. "

Sky Mining has not yet received any word from Tam at the time of the press, a spokesman for Sky Mining explained that" "I saw the video uploaded by Mr. Tam, but not really. # 39; I contacted, and I have not yet contacted Deputy Director General Le Minh Hieu. "

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