Apparently people are paying more than $ 10,000 for next-generation scaled consoles.


After a busy week of releases, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S have been hard to find so far, with new shares bought almost as soon as they go down. Robots buying reseller consoles have been blamed by some for the shortage of stocks, and while we can’t know how many of the purchases have been made by the bots, there will certainly be many next-gen consoles that are listed at high prices on Ebay.

While it was inevitable that consoles would end up on Ebay with inflated prices, it seems retailers are doing a decent trade as well. A look at the PS5 listings that have been sold for the day shows that consoles cost between $ 850 and $ 1200 in most cases. The console’s MSRP is $ 500 for the disc edition or $ 400 for the digital-only console.

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One of the most profitable recent announcements we found was a digital-only PS5 priced up to $ 1,645, thanks to 34 bids made through Ebay’s auction system. Another luckier customer found the digital version of the PS5 for “only” $ 850.

The listings appear to have hit the staggering $ 14,493, which an Ebay user paid for a pre-order of the digital edition of the PlayStation 5 in September, before the console actually launched. Some listings still offer to bind your pre-orders, without having a console in hand to sell.

The Xbox Series X and S saw slightly more reasonable prices on resale. Sold listings show people buying new Xboxes for around $ 800 for the X series, or closer to $ 450 for the S series, with the official price being $ 500 for the X and $ 300 for the S, the cheapest of the next generation console.

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While Ebay’s unsold listings show people still asking up to $ 10,000 for new consoles, sold listings show most people aren’t willing to pay more than $ 1000 for resold consoles. The fact that people pay inflated prices to resellers shows how much demand there is for next-generation consoles.

It appears that Amazon currently does not allow third-party sellers to match PS5, which will likely reduce the kind of price hike that is happening on Ebay. If you want to try your luck getting a next-gen console without paying a hefty price, check out our PS5 buyer’s guide or Xbox Series X and S guide.

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