Apex Legends – Season 7 Promotion: New Legend Horizon; date and details


Respawn Entertainment Battle Royale Lovers, Apex Legends, you can now mark the date on your calendars before new season 7: promotion. Reach Spain and the rest of the world next November 4th 2020, so the company made it known after presenting big news for the game along with a emotional thriller of Stories from the Wild Lands which anticipates the arrival of Horizon, the new legend, as well as a new map and more.

Horizon, the new legend of season 7

A brilliant astrophysicist who has escaped a black hole and wants to use her new mastery of gravity to deliver on a promise.

Apex Legends - Horizon, the new legend of season 7

In the new four-minute video shared by EA and Respawn, we can get to know each other a little more in-depth history of Horizon, the new legend that will be available in Apex Games for season 7. The animated cut has many similarities to the movie Interstellarby director Christopher Nolan, in the role of Horizon originally lived on your home planet, Olympus, which was going through an energy crisis.

She, in an attempt to save the day, will embark on an adventure leaving her loved ones behind, heading through the Wilds accompanied by a small companion named NEWT, a nice robot.

New map of Olympus and other news

Just the birthplace of Horizon be the new map available This next season in Apex Legends: “Climb into a beautiful, lush city in the clouds. Look where you are: the planet below is far away.”. Olympus It concerns third original map with the Battle Royale, a floating city that players can reach with the Trident.

On the other hand, don’t forget that this season 7 will arrive just in time the release of Apex Legends on Steam (not on Switch, the version of which has been delayed). The performance of our accounts can be transferred from OriginAdditionally, special Valve-inspired charms have been confirmed.

On the other hand, season 7 too includes a new Ascent Battle Pass with more than 100 exclusive objects as per tradition. A new file will start ranked season with rewards and also clubs will implement, a way to meet more players and create a community to fight together and win games.

All this and much more we can enjoy from next 4th November. Apex Legends is a free Battle Royale available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Don’t hesitate to visit ours complete guide of tips and tricks or take a look at our review to find out more.


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