Apex Legends Season 7 – Introducing Horizon


Sao Paulo, 26 October 2020 – Respawn has announced that Apex Legends Season 7 – Ascension will arrive on November 4th and has officially revealed the first details of the next season with the arrival of Horizon, the next Legend to enter the competition and the third main map, the floating city of Olympus. . In a new trailer for The Badlands Stories, Apex Legends fans can learn more about Horizon’s journey to the arena and how he manages to survive, by getting a first look at the cloudy city.

You can learn about Horizon’s story in the latest Wilderness Stories YouTube trailer:

With their home planet, Olympus, in the midst of an energy crisis, Horizon and his robotic companion, NEWT, venture into distant lands in search of crystals that can save him. Leaving his son behind on this journey, Horizon ventures into the unknown, comforted by the fact that he will save his family and home. With a betrayal that prevents the happy ending of his journey, Horizon finds himself at home but lost in time as he struggles to return to his son.

Season 7 – Ascension brings Horizon to the Wilderness along with Apex Legends’ next arena, Olympus. For more details and screenshots of what’s coming in Season 7: Ascension, visit the official Apex Legends page here.

Source: EA Public Relations.

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