Anthony Pompliano's podcast talks about the unhealthy ripple community and the manipulation of XRP prices

  Anthony Pompliano podcast talks about the community of unhealthy ripples and XRP price manipulation

The Block founder says the XRP community is unhealthy, accuses Ripple Team Of Price Manipulation

During a podcast with Pomp ( Anthony Pompliano) recently, the founder of The Block, Mike Dudas noted that the Ripple Community is unhealthy.

One of the topics discussed during the speech was a crypto-community space, in which the duo dissected the problem, examining both good and evil. Mike Dudas said that:

"In the cryptographic ecosystem, people arrive, and you've already heard it before, I'm not saying anything particularly new in this area, but with an almost religious belief and an anchorage and a strong prejudice and a strong tribal nature to be associated with specific projects as I have never seen. "

Mike, who is also a maximistist of Bitcoin, considers Bitcoin and Ethereum as great examples of good community spaces, saying that many developers are going to Ethereum.

However, Mike Dudas was quick to declare that while some fan bases turn out to be great, some could be a real curse. He has seen many "unhealthy communities" in his experience, and that of Ripple is one of them. He was quoted as saying:

"The obviously canonical example of this is Ripple, Ripple has a centralized structure, Ripple Corp basically says," hey, we put our tokens in escrow "but again, you know I'm obviously under their control and are released for a period of time. "

And when it comes to robots, he said that Ripple has a lot of real people who genuinely support the project, but there are also tens of thousands of associated bots. He also stated that the company team has exceptional professionalism and talent, agreeing that the project is supported by people who try to see it succeed.

Ripple Encouraging Unhealthy Strategies

However, Mike could not help but accuse Ripple's team of encouraging his prominent tweeters to pursue what he called "mini-celebrity game", adding that such strategies were unhealthy even if they had to bear the price of the XRP token.

Mike ended the discussion by answering a question from Anthony Pompliano on how big companies like Ripple can value themselves. He said this:

"I think one way they could basically eliminate any doubt is to say," hey, instead of compensating ourselves in this XRP token "- that the founding team has, has the leadership and David Schwartz. They could choose to renounce those tokens fundamentally, and take more value in the capital of Ripple the corporation, which clearly has a connection to the XRP token, but would reduce questions if there are ulterior motives when they announce things. . "

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