Antalyaspor – Alanyaspor match has started. Live storytelling

In the ninth week of the Super League, Antalyaspor hosts Alanyaspor. Alanyaspor went 1-0 ahead with Salih Uçan’s 55th-minute goal.

Antalyaspor and Alanyaspor compete in the ninth week of the Super League.

The 11 on the pitch in the match are as follows:

Antalyaspor Top 11: Ferhat, Mert, Veysel, Naldo, Kudryashov, Nuri, Hakan, Sam, Amilton, Gökdeniz, Podolski

Alanyaspor top 11: Marafona, Juanfran, Tzavellas, Caulker, Moubandje, Salih, Siopis, Efecan, Bakasetas, Davidson, Babacar


At 4 ‘Davidson, who controlled the ball with Tzavellas’ long pass, tries the castle from a distance, the goalkeeper Ferhat controls the ball without difficulty.

The first 10 minutes of the match went goalless. Neither team has yet developed an organized attack.

The pace of the game has not yet reached the expected level. Davidson had his only shot on goal this far from outside the box early in the match.

With 20 minutes late in the match, the slow-paced play continues. In the match, sterile in terms of positions, they were whistled 10 times in total.

In the 24th minute Babacar moved back to Salih Uçan’s long ball, Ferhat, exiting the penalty area and closing the corner, followed his opponent into the penalty area and secured control of the ball.

Antalyaspor went into effect for the first time in the 32nd minute. Gökdeniz saw Podolski arrive from behind after Amilton, who came forward from the left wing, rushed off the back line. Podolski struck his arrival by entering the penalty area, but when the ball did not land on his feet, Marafona controlled it without difficulty.

A minute after this position, Sidney Sam, who took Gökdeniz’s pass in Antalyaspor’s attack by developing from the right flank, hit him hard before entering the penalty area, the ball bounced by goalkeeper Marafona went for a corner.

At 41 ‘Sidney Sam, hanging behind the defense with a pass from Podolski, was on the ground with the intervention of Caulker as he was about to enter the penalty area. Subsequently, Gökdeniz wanted to beat the goalkeeper, but the ball remained in Marafona. When the position is over, the offside flag has been removed.

In the 42nd minute, Alanyaspor missed a clear opportunity. In Salih Uçan’s right corner, Caulker headed inside the goal area, the ball went off the top post.

At 44 ‘Babacar remained on the ground with the intervention of Veysel Sarı in the carom in the penalty area Antalyaspor. The referee showed Özgür Yankaya the penalty spot. The monitoring board came to Özgür Yankaya, one of the VAR referees. The referee will review the position and reassess his decision. The referee of the match overturned the penalty decision after seeing the position.

The first half ended goalless.


In the 46th minute, in Alanyaspor’s free kick from the middle of the opponent’s half, Efecan put his head in the open ball behind but failed to take the frame.

In the 53rd minute Alanyaspor was charged in the opposing half with all his lines, while Antalyaspor retired in his own half.

Alanyasopor scored the goal in the 55th minute. Alanyaspor has found the goal with a great organization. After effective passes, Bakasetas turned the ball into the inside right wing, Davidson touched the ball bouncing off Efecan’s head. Salih Uçan, who arrived from behind, sent in the net with a hard blow upon his arrival.

After the goal, the game started to get more active. Antalyaspor is trying to charge the rival goal with many men.

In the 66th minute, while Alanyaspor wanted to get out of defense, Amilton, intervened, entered the area empty, instead of groped for the castle, while the offside flag for Gökdeniz was raised.

In the 68th minute, Antalyaspor had 10 people left. Gökdeniz Bayrakdar received a yellow card after a foul on Siopis in Antalyaspor. Hakan Özmert, who opposed the yellow card seen by Gökdeniz, was ejected from the playing area with a red card of the second yellow card.

At 76 ‘, in the free kick used by Antalyaspor with Nuri, Amilton hits the ball which opens towards the back post and Marafona controls the ball without difficulty.

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