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Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have had a rather significant impact on modern society. Only a decade ago many people could not even imagine that something like this would cancel, develop and accelerate technological progress. Today Ethereum e Bitcoin currency they are two indisputable leaders among other digital currencies by market capitalization.

After the launch of these two virtual currencies, we started thinking about money differently. For example, if you told someone seven years ago that digital currencies could potentially become an alternative means of payment, almost nobody would take it seriously.

Ethereum vs Bitcoin: performance


This is the largest cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization, which is truly the most popular and demanded virtual resource on the market. It was developed by a person or group of people who used a name Satoshi Nakamoto. The first digital cryptocurrency was launched in January 2009.

Bitcoin is actually two things: a cryptocurrency and a peer-to-peer payment system, where BTC is used.

This innovative digital payment system with a cryptographic protected accounting unit that provides access to its services was a first successful project of this kind. It has had a very strong impact on the further development of the cryptocurrency sector and even beyond. Because the payment system is based on the blockchain technology, has helped to spread this technology that can be applied very broadly only in virtual currencies.

The Bitcoin payment system is used to purchase goods and services, as well as to store a precious monetary resource (in this case the cryptocurrency is actually similar to gold).

The purchase of BTC is not the only option to get the most popular digital coins. One can also engage in mining or use Bitcoin faucets. This digital currency has a limited number of coins to be issued. The smallest fraction of BTC is called satoshi and amounts to 0.00000001 BTC.


This is the second cryptocurrency by market capitalization, as well as a platform for the development of decentralized blockchain-based applications, created by Vitalik Buterin, Joseph Lubin, Gavin Wood and others. The cryptocurrency was launched initially in July 2015. This is an inflationary currency, which means the problem of ethereum coin it is not limited to a certain number.

Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum basically stands for two things: a platform for the development of decentralized applications based on blockchains and smart contracts, and a well-known ETH for coin cryptography. The smallest fraction of ETH is called Wei and amounts to 0.00000000000000012 ETH.

Ethereum vs Bitcoin: Price

Different media and not just encrypted, they often talk a lot about these two leaders of the cryptocurrency market. And, first of all, everyone pays attention to their rates, of course. But following the media is not the only option to find out anyone's price Cryptographic currency You can use online services like CoinMarketCap to check the current rate of any virtual currency in fiat currency or in another currency. There are also several graphs and charts that demonstrate the volatility of the rate, so that users can check how cryptocurrency rates change over the course of their history.

Bitcoin price

The BTC rate is not as sustainable. It changes all the time and it is quite difficult to make predictions, especially in the long term. When this article is written, the rate of the first virtual currency is not really doing its best. Bitcoin USD price amounts to about $ 6.5 thousand for each currency.

The BTC rate reached its absolute record in December 2017. At that time almost all the experts, analysts, BTC owners, investors and only those interested in the digital currencies were really shocked when BTC price it was about $ 20,000 for a coin. Those who managed to sell their Bitcoin assets at such a high price really made a lot of money, while those who had been rather skeptical about BTC had been working hard since the beginning. Today there are around 17.3 million BTCs in circulation and the total volume of trade amounts to $ 3,538,226,691.

Bitcoin price today it is almost four times lower than in the past at the end of 2017. However, many crypto-enthusiasts, experts and opinion leaders are quite optimistic. Another rapid increase in the cryptocurrency market is expected soon.

Ethereum price

ETH the rate is not doing its best, just like Bitcoin. At least this is what is happening on the market today. Etherium price varies and fluctuates from time to time which makes the holders of this coin nervous.

Ethereum price today it's about $ 205 for every digital currency. Even the second cryptocurrency in the world has its record: in December 2017 the rate reached about $ 1.2 thousand for an ETH. This Ether The rate hike was really difficult to predict. Today there are 102 million ETHs in circulation and the daily trading volume is $ 1,224,203,671.

Today ETH price it is about 6 times lower than a time in the winter of 2017. However, the platform itself is still very popular. Many experts believe this is a key to the future success of the platform and the cryptocurrency.

Ethereum vs Bitcoin: graph

If you do not know it, but you want to learn how to predict the fluctuations of BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies, then you have to understand the basics of deep diagram analysis. We will not go into details and focus on simpler things.

Bitcoin price chart

It is known that any centralized authority has no direct impact on Bitcoin. All management operations, as well as the release of new coins, are carried out in the network itself. The first cryptocurrency is an open resource, because it is publicly developed, has no manager and is not directly controlled by anyone.

Bitcoin chart shows that the Bitcoin rate has increased dramatically since the launch of the payment system and cryptocurrency. This has led traders and investors to consider it an interesting investment opportunity and has made the purchase or exchange of BTCs for USD much more reasonable.

The highest Bitcoin value it was registered in December 2017 when a digital currency was traded at the price of $ 20 thousand. It was something. However, today, in October 2018, BTC can not exceed $ 7,000. Since less than a year has passed, many people fear that the rate is too unstable.

Price chart of Ethereum

Everyone can control the price fluctuations of all cryptocurrencies and digital tokens. You should not have special skills related to economics or analysis to do so. You can simply use special services to monitor the situation on the cryptocurrency market. As usual, we recommend the most popular and convenient – CoinMarketCap.

There is a detailed Ethereum chart There. It can help you be aware and follow all the fluctuations of cryptocurrency. The graphs will also help you understand when the best time is to sell the digital currency or buy it.

Almost a year ago the cryptocurrency broke the all-time record. An ETH costs a little less than $ 1.3 thousand. You can check it and monitor it ETH diagram. Today the rate is much lower and amounts to just over $ 200 for each ETH.

Ethereum vs Bitcoin: investments

Cryptocurrencies have a promising potential, which is why many investors consider these digital resources to be rather interesting, especially in the long term. Today cryptographically protected money is one of the most innovative approaches on the financial market and a number of people have already managed to make a fortune.

Investment in Bitcoin

Let's talk a little bit about how attractive the most popular cryptocurrency for investors is. Well, BTC has been adopted for global financial markets and the growing interest in this virtual asset could ensure that its rate rises.

Investing in Bitcoin or it is not at the height of each user. However, we will take a closer look at how it can be done. BTC was launched in 2009 and at that time (and even long after) only a few people really considered Bitcoin a good investment. Today it's different – even those who are not really interested in cryptocurrencies would probably be happy to own several coins.

Ethereum investment

The second cryptocurrency by market capitalization was initially launched in 2015 and, unlike Bitcoin, it immediately became popular. Many people believe that ETH is a very promising alternative to BTC.

The main problem with many different cryptocurrencies is that they actually depend on Bitcoin. BTC actually has the best liquidity, which means that users often have to exchange their currencies first with BTC and then exchange BTCs with the US dollar or other legal funds. ETH is different, anyway.

Invest in Ethereum It is considered a profitable investment by many experts, as they believe that this cryptocurrency will be required in the market. Since it has unlimited issuance, many users think that ETH mining will always be required.

So let's get back to how we can invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Option 1: speculation on the cryptocurrency rate as an investment method

The main thing here is to sell the cryptocurrency at a price that is significantly higher than the cost of your purchase. For example, in 2013 you bought a BTC for $ 200 and sold it in December 2017, when the price of a currency almost exceeds $ 20 thousand for a currency. If you do some small mathematical calculation, you will be surprised at the profit you could make on the difference in a coin. Imagine that in 2013 you bought not one, but 10 coins.

Option 2: extraction

To extract these digital currencies you will need high-performance equipment that you can buy or rent. These investments will help you get the coins and then keep them or exchange them. Keep up to date with the latest fare to make a good deal.

Ethereum vs Bitcoin: Portfolio

It's better to have a wallet to keep your money. Cryptocurrency is also a kind of money, and it should also be kept in a special portfolio. There are many different ETHs and BTC wallet the option and the developers have created many different services for users to keep their cryptocurrency resources. Some of them operate online, while others are stored locally.

When you choose Bitcoin e Ethereum portfolio, the most important thing is actually its security. You'd better spend some time checking this. You can also look at reviews and comments from other users.

Basically you need a cryptocurrency portfolio to do transactions with your virtual currencies. There are five main Ethereum e Types of Bitcoin wallet:

  • web;
  • of the desktop;
  • mobile;
  • hardware;
  • paper.

Users of such platforms and operating systems such as Android and iOS, Windows, MacOS and Linux are lucky because usually every single type of wallet works on them. Bitcoin wallet online, just as the online ETH portfolio actually stores cryptocurrency in the cloud, while hardware wallets do it locally on your device. There are also paper wallets, where all the information related to the private key is written on the card.

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