Andra made the announcement on Facebook. “I said to find out …


Andra and Cătălin Măruţă form one of the strongest couples in the Romanian show business. To show her how much she loves him, the singer made a declaration of love to her husband today.

Andra amused her virtual friends after posting a photo in which she appears next to Măruţă, holding a photo frame, inside which is written “Just Married”. The artist wanted to clarify: “I said to inform you from me and not from the press”, said Andra amused on Facebook, the post that collects over 60,000 likes, thousands of comments and hundreds of shares.

Regarding the beginnings of their relationship, Andra and Cătălin Măruță admit that it wasn’t love at first sight. At least not by the singer. She claims that Cătălin’s hair was not to her liking at all and only started looking at it differently when she cut her hair.
“We saw each other many times. The first time he appeared on the show, on TVR. I liked him. He made people sing and I was in the period where I wanted to prove it. I liked his show. We were friends. Not I saw him then as the man I would spend my whole life with, especially when he had long hair. I didn’t like it at all. When he cut his hair, I started looking at it with different eyes, “Andra told okmagazine. .ro some time ago.


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