An image that makes you say ‘Pes’ to Denizli … ‘What is this misfortune, dear minister’ – Sports News


Pandemic of coronavirus because for a long time played without spectators after the match the Turkish Football Association (TFF) has decided to bring 50% of the audience to league and cup matches. Date 10 October 2020. Denizlispor president Ali Çetin said in a statement last week that they started working in the lodge for 2000 people after the decision made by the TFF. It turned out that Ali Çetin stated that they were trying to prepare Beşiktaş’s match for the work of the lodge, to separate the tribunes with boards.

Host club, He separated the normal stands by dividing them into loggias. The part of the ceiling of the loggias was made by pulling a fence. Denizlispor, who created 18 prefabricated lodges by separating the stands with panels, ignored the rules of social distance and filled these sections with fans. After the game, which people watched in the stands, Denizlispor became the second team to earn the most revenue from the sale of the lodge this week. It was also noted that some of the fans who came to see the match wore no masks.


In Turkey, the recent increase in the number of Coronavirus epidemic images has never sparked a strong reaction on social media. Social media users were uploaded to both Denizlispor management and TFF after the images appeared in Denizli.

Here are some of the reactions shown on social media:


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