An efficient decentralized Proof of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency that has many benefits for consumers and businesses


Brisbane, Australia, November 6, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Scalable, flexible and applicable to multiple use cases Metrix Coin and its ticker MRX is not just another PoS cryptocurrency, but rather a blockchain technology that benefits consumers and companies, scalable to include growth and flexibility to deploy across multiple use cases.

Information on PoS cryptocurrencies

First a little background on PoS encryption algorithms. In this type of algorithm, anyone with a certain amount of coins participates in the validation of the transaction and the process of creating the block that returns a stake reward (a process known as staking). It’s simple, you need to create a wallet, hold the coins until they reach maturity and connect it online by joining the network to start receiving stake rewards. In order to prevent centralization and monopolization of the network by someone with the highest value of coins in play, a number of techniques are used in the consensus algorithm (e.g., randomization, age of stakes, stake limits, etc.) to determine which user creates the next block.

About Metrix Coin

There is no shortage of PoS cryptocurrencies in the crypto economy. However, few of them have enough flexibility that they can be used for a wide range of use cases. Most of them are designed only for specific use cases (eg games, e-commerce, P2P payments, etc.). But for mainstream adoption of PoS cryptocurrencies, PoS cryptocurrencies need to become multipurpose. Metrix Coin has fast transaction speeds of 10,000 transactions per second, block times of ~ 90 seconds, is cost-effective, and hosts Bitcoin’s Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO) and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) environments making it perfect for Bitcoin transactions. e-commerce and smart -contract development. The Metrix Coin blockchain is a Quantum hardfork. However, Metrix Coin offers products and services that make it a solid blockchain and overall project for everyone and everything.

Benefits for consumers

Metrix Coin has incorporated a deflationary model that can attribute the value of the coin to appreciate over time. Consumers who wager their Metrix coins will annually receive 10% in succession for 2 years, 5% for 4 years, 2% for 6 years and 1% until the maximum bid is reached. Individuals can hold their own Metrix coin using one of the following in-house products: Altitude, a desktop wallet available in multiple operating systems (OS); MyStakingWallet, an online wallet that staking 24/7, also available as a mobile app for Android or iPhone; or MyNodePool, a stake pool service.

Benefits for business partners

Metrix Coin aims to improve business models tailored to the needs of business practice, while also focusing on improving business-to-consumer (B2C) relationships. Partners integrating Metrix Coin’s blockchain technology can expect to grow their brands to a worldwide audience while participating in Metrix Coin’s partner network at no cost.

  1. Consumer loyalty and loyalty programs

As mentioned above, Metrix Coin’s deflationary model will be a contributing factor to the appreciation of Metrix Coin’s value over time. Consumers who hold Metrix Coin as an asset will earn passive income through stake rewards. In addition to the intrinsic value that blockchain offers to consumers, partners who integrate a customized incentive business model will not only grow their customer base but also maintain it.

  1. Easy to use products

Metrix Coin products: Altitude, MyStakingWallet and MyNodePool are accessible, without technical problems, which make it easier for consumers to use Metrix Coin as a means of payment.

  1. Worldwide marketing at no cost

Metrix Coin’s marketing model further pushes trading partners to reach a worldwide audience at no cost. Metrix Coin Business Developers have fine-tuned this manufacturing model to provide peace of mind to business partners who emphasize business growth.

  1. Blockchain technical support

Metrix Coin’s support team is available 24/7 to resolve any technical issues.


Metrix Coin also includes its own ecosystem of a payment processing app, wallet, altcoin pool, gaming platform, and many other apps that are still under construction. These apps were created by Metrix Coin’s core team to showcase its immense capabilities. The project also established a DIY technical support guide, an email support system, and a support chat service to assist with the technical needs of the user base.

Metrix Coin Blockchain Solutions

A challenge that has been witnessed from time to time in crypto-space is the disruption of the blockchain ecosystem, or hardforking and softforking to solve security problems, smart contract problems and obsolete blockchain parameters (block gas limit, size block, gas schedule, etc.). Hardforking is when another blockchain is created from the existing chain, thus allowing for two chains. Softforking is when only lines of script code are added to the current blockchain, think of it as an upgrade to the existing blockchain.

One of the fascinating aspects of Metrix Coin is its Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP) based on smart contract technology. As the protocol implies, blockchain problems are solved without the need to disrupt the forked network by naming the nodes Governors, or Governors, to oversee blockchain changes via the DGP goal. If the existing chain needs an update or an update, DGP and the consent of the governor node will dictate to apply the changes necessary to improve the Metrix Coin blockchain. Under the same governance protocol, the governor’s nodes can vote on budget proposals that allocate the necessary funds for development. Metrix Coin’s governance protocol is a significant improvement force that will push the boundaries of its own development. The development of the project will never be hindered in such a way that the power of the community always ascertains its potential for growth.

Metrix Coin is a DeFi Ready Blockchain

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has reshaped the way we view the banking and financial system. DeFi is a permissionless financial services ecosystem that does not require banking support. Recently, DeFi protocols based on smart contracts have gained a lot of popularity by offering financial gains to the liquidity provider (LP). How it works is the LP deposits a stablecoin, which is pegged against ETH, another cryptocurrency or fiat currency in a cash pool and earns an APY% in return. These assets can be traded in the decentralized markets available or deposited in other liquidity pools that offer the best return in return. There are multiple DeFi protocols tailored to serve various financial services (loan and loan, yield farming, derivatives, margin trading, etc.). Metrix Coin is a DeFi Ready blockchain, which means that it offers the scalability that DeFi protocols guarantee without congesting the network and increasing the cost of a transaction to increase. DeFi protocols on Ethereum have caused gas prices to rise, making it costly to send transactions through the platform that affect other projects. And as mentioned above, Metrix Coin’s DGP provides network oversight to address any smart contract issues or blockchain issues. Developers can have the peace of mind of building their DeFi protocols on the Metrix Coin blockchain without the burden of congestion and network security.

Metrix Coin. For everyone. For all.

There are very few Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrencies that are fast, scalable and affordable at the same time and offer solutions for consumers and businesses. Metrix Coin is a proven blockchain that offers more to e-commerce transactions and smart contract developments. With its super-fast transaction speed, deflationary staking model, fast block times, decentralized governance, scalability, and DeFi capabilities, it’s one of the few PoS cryptocurrencies that can go mainstream.

And now it has become even more important because it is listed on the WhiteBIT exchange. This is the fourth major exchange listing after BarterTrade, DigiFinex, and P2PB2B. With a loyal and fast-growing community, solid features, and a solid team, Metrix Coin has the potential to outperform many other PoS cryptocurrencies in the game of mainstream adoption.

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