Amazing water purification system in the ancient Mayan city


Alex Azabache / Pexels

A new discovery was made in “Tikal” in Guatemala, one of the important centers of the ancient Maya civilization. The discovery made by scientists working at the University of Cincinnati shows that the Maya built sophisticated water purification systems with some natural products.

Describing their new discovery as “exciting”, the scientists found a clean water reservoir in the area called Corriental.

When studies on the basin were expanded, it was realized that this was one of the most important sources of clean water of the period of the Maya civilization.

The scientists, who also examined the remains in the tank, saw the presence of quartz and zeolite minerals in this tank. These minerals are still used to filter water today.

According to anthropologist Kenneth Barnett Tankersley of the University of Cincinnati, yeasts were getting rid of heavy metals, microbes and nitrogen-rich compounds from water thanks to this treatment system.

“The interesting thing is that the system is still effective today, and the Maya discovered it more than 2,000 years ago,” Tankersley said.

Another researcher Nicholas Dunning said he found quartz and zeolite in the area 10 years ago.

Claiming that he compared the samples obtained during the new discovery with the samples obtained ten years ago, the scientist stated that there were similarities between the two samples.

Stating that the people who lived in those times used these materials to refill their water bottles over and over again, Dunning said that the taste and cleanliness of filtered water were well known by the Maya.

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