Altcoins turns green even though Bitcoin makes a fragile return attempt

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Only about 24 hours, we told you that the bears had eliminated the crypto-market, mowing about 11%, but now it seems slow, but the constant recovery could only be on the cards. The main altcoins saw the green even when Bitcoin made a small move to the north in an attempt to keep up.

We would not say that too many coins in the top 10 (of cryptocurrencies, classified by as market capitalization) went very well. However, many of the major, well-known altcoins inside the top 20 have begun to show their courage.

From the start of this new year, the blogging zone opinion blogging and discussion threads were inundated with questions about the future of the altcoins. Many have claimed that this year the altcoins have a pretty bright future, making 2019 the moment when they finally find their redemption. In our article on the related issue, we have also posed the reasons why altcoins perform well this year. Now, it seems that prices respond in some way to positive opinions and conjectures within the market.

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Now, Bitcoin itself has recorded a slight increase of 0.76% at the time of writing and still remains below the price of $ 4,000. During the writing of this news, the price of Bitcoin is $ 3,706.26, well at the time of writing. internal of the bear industry. In the top 10, only Ripple and Tether recorded an increase over Bitcoin itself.

The increase in Ripple, at around 1.14%, is low but not insignificant as it strengthens the capacity of this unique cryptographic payment protocol to usher in a new era in the world of cryptocurrencies. The 0.40% rise in Tether is still not enough to write home, but it provides an interesting variety like a stablecoin in the middle of traditional cryptographic coins.

In the top 20, XEM and ETC saw a rather interesting price increase, as did the ZCash coin. Ethereum Classic (ETC), despite having recently faced problems regarding a 51% attack, recorded an increase of almost 4%.

XEM of the NEM platform went even higher with just over 4.5%. Also ZCash (ZEC) increased by just over 4%, while Binance Coin (BNB) also showed an upward peak.

Other notable altcoins such as Dash, Monero, MIOTA, Cardano have shown signs of climbing higher and higher than Bitcoin. Will we see the altcoins capitalize on this increase and bring it forward to a new high? Time and the market will say it.

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