Altcoins This Week: Thomson Reuters Teams with CryptoCompare, Ripple Courts Madonna and Clinton and more



Today on Altcoins this week we discuss the recent partnership of Thomson Reuters, Ripple who collaborates with Madonna and Clinton and much more.

Ripple Courts Madonna and Clinton

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Ripple has been busy making friends with the powerful and famous this week. Bill Clinton will be the keynote speaker at the Swell conference this year, to be held in October in San Francisco. Swell, now in his second year, "connects the world's leading experts on policies, payments and technology for the most challenging dialogue in global payments today". The views of the former president on cryptocurrencies are intended to attract attention, especially since last month Russian operators allegedly used Bitcoin to co-finance their campaign to derail President Hillary Clinton's presidential offering.

Meanwhile, Madonna has partnered with Ripple to raise funds for orphans in Malawi. The beneficial organization of the material girl, Raising Malawi, hopes to raise $ 660,000 in a campaign organized concurrently with the 60th birthday of pop legend later this month. Ripple, a senior vice president of business operations, said in a statement that Ripple will match the raised donation for what he called "some of the most underdeveloped children in the world".

Binance makes the first public acquisition

Crypto exchange Binance has announced that it has acquired Trust Wallet, a mobile wallet startup. This is the first public takeover of the currency exchange platform based in Japan.

Binance made the purchase, according to his statement, "to provide better service and improve security for all our users." It was called Trust Wallet, which was founded only at the end of last year, a company that "built a reputation for security and followed the guiding principles that will never access the users' wallets, keep private keys. or ask for personal information. "

XRP To New SF Exchange Base Currency

In a busy week for Ripple, the San Francisco exchange service DCEX announced that it intends to launch the first digital currency exchange to use XRP as currency Basic. Traders are invited to register now, with the platform hoping to be fully operational in the coming weeks.

A total of fifteen currencies will be available as trading pairs with XRP, and TrueUSD will be the stable currency of choice, rather than Tether. DCEX said it preferred the XRP in part because of the lower trading fees associated with the cryptocurrency.

Thomson Reuters Teams with CryptoCompare

The mass media giant Thomson Reuters will offer information on the ups and downs of the volatile cryptocurrency market in collaboration with CryptoCompare. The Canadian multinational will trace the first fifty coins, offering investors detailed market supervision.

Eikon, as the platform will be called, will be launched in response to the growing demand from Thomson Reuters customers, who demand a detailed market analysis, despite the recent decline in encryption prices. CryptoCompare CEO, Charles Hayter, said he was "excited to join this partnership with Thomson Reuters"; "We have always sought to provide transparency to this market and this partnership offers a great opportunity for the institutional investor community to access not only our data, but also to benefit from our experience and insight."

The Markets [19659006] Altcoins across the board suffered significant losses this week. Ether (ETH), the largest Altcoin, opened on Monday at $ 466, but returned to $ 433 by the end of Tuesday. Wednesday was not better, with a minimum of $ 410 and indications that could be traded for the $ 400 sign by the end of the week. The XRP was down, but not to the same extent as the other 100 best coins this week, with the opening of $ 0.453 reduced to a minimum of $ 0.427 as markets suffered on Tuesday and Wednesday , but the XRP has recovered slightly to close the six-month report at $ 0.0445. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) saw the end of its boom: its Monday opening of $ 822 seemed a distant memory when it was traded for $ 744 on Wednesday. By mid-week near, he was changing hands for $ 769. EOS opened Monday at $ 8.34, but his fortunes came back and fell to $ 7.37 for Tuesday's close, then to a $ 6 minimum. , 98 for Wednesday before closing at $ 7.26. Stellar (XLM) was one of the major promoters of July, but this week could not resist the market forces, $ 0.308 was the opening point on Monday, but $ 0.26 to $ 0.28 was the bulk of the trading in the first part of this week, stellar closure on Wednesday at $ 0.276

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