After Pfizer’s announcement … an American health expert warns of “excessive optimism”


Pfizer recently said the vaccine’s effectiveness reached 90 percent, after conducting large-scale clinical trials, which means it will be able to curb the outbreak of the outbreak that appeared in China late last year.

The head of the infectious disease department at the University of Alabama, Jenny Marazzo, asked the number of people who can be given the vaccine by the end of this year. Even if between 10 and 15 million have been vaccinated in a first phase, “this number is very small” and it is not enough to ascertain the matter. safety.

He stressed that these questions remain about safety, even if the vaccine appears to be effective during the first few weeks or months of use.

Meanwhile, Pfizer said it hopes to produce nearly 50 million doses of the corona vaccine by the end of this year, pending approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The company is betting to increase production of the vaccine to 1.3 doses in 2021 and, once approval is obtained, the vaccine will be given in two doses.

The position of this American academic comes, as the chief infectious disease expert in the United States, Anthony Fauchi, urged not to stop dealing with the epidemic, “because aid is not yet ready, even if it is coming”, referring to the vaccine.

US Secretary of Health and Humanitarian Affairs Alex Azar said US authorities have guaranteed 100 million doses, purchased for $ 1.95 billion.

Health experts say it is indisputable to continue adhering to preventive measures, in light of the failure to achieve herd immunity, especially in developing countries that may not receive the vaccine early.

In another hurdle, scientists say that people who receive the vaccine can gain strong immunity, but they can carry the virus without symptoms, which means the possibility of passing the infection from them to other people.

Tests were conducted for study participants when they reported symptoms of Coronavirus infection, meaning they were likely to have contracted the virus without showing symptoms, despite vaccination.

However, developing a ready-made vaccine against a new virus in less than a year is a breakthrough in medicine, even if vaccination against the disease will take some time.


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