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After CEO Retirement, Will Ripple (XRP) Partner or Vaporize SWIFT? – Today's newspaper

Ripple (XRP) vs GPII of SWIFT or Ripple Partners Swift?

Ripple's rigid XRP competition with the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) is about to be tightened when SWIFT CEO Gottfried Leibbrandt will bow in June 2019. The crypto community is watching how the conflict between the two platforms is played out . It is worth noting that SWIFT does not plan to use cryptocurrency in a short time. Furthermore, the threat of losing its user base on Ripple's XRP is another reason why the platform will shift partnerships with the currency.

The partnership could not hold up

Despite Ripple's (XRP) commitment to overthrow SWIFT, merger projects can not come to life. First of all, Ripple & # 39; s (XRP) had already discarded the possibilities of such partnerships. Instead, the CEO said that the currency is in a better position to beat SWIFT in cross-border transactions. Secondly, the blockchain is not in the list of technologies that SWIFT is looking for its payment solutions. To this end, after the retirement of the platform CEO, the status quo remains.

Ripple (XRP) is pushing

Money is not the least bit fascinated by a partnership with SWIFT. Haven has offered impressive performance on many platforms, XRP continues to push forward. The current struggle consists in taking SWIFT off the radar of cross-border transactions. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said that Ripple's XRP has more international payment options.

Gottfried ate the humble cake

Prior to the invitation to tender for his resignation, the outgoing CEO of SWIFT, Gottfried Leibbrandt, had covered various attempts that threatened payment solutions. His ability to hold the fort in the company for seven (7) years is proof of his excellent managerial skills.

However, in light of the continuing pressure from Ripple's XRP program and the inclinations that money will take on cross-border payments, it is obvious that Gottfried has eaten the humble pie.

Perhaps the fears of losing his impressive contributions to SWIFT for the past seven (7) years, the hasty decision to step down from office became the only option. Gottfried leaves the administrative framework of SWIFT in June 2019, the "seed of discord"It looks like it has been sown and Ripple's XRP will affect this anytime soon.

SWIFT is vulnerable

The resignation of a major blow as its CEO exposes SWIFT to external incursions. A new CEO will arrive in the second quarter of 2019. If SWIFT fails to get a skilled manager like Gottfried, Ripple's XRP will be set for a massive attack on the international payment network to date.

A partnership is Brewing

After years of calling for cross-border payments, SWIFT would not want to lose its hand. The apparently available option is to collaborate with Ripple's XRP. However, the platform could still stick to its guns. The partnership will be of immense benefit to the platform as it offers the possibility of integrating blockchain technology into its payment solutions.

Otherwise, Ripple will perform a major part of cross-border payments within a few months. Furthermore, the trend of a global blockchain network is being prepared and this is a channel that Ripple's XRP will explore by causing ripple in the SWIFT system. While Gottfried Leibbrandt makes his last bow, Ripple's XRP prepares to sign the documents with SWIFT.

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