Advisor to the President for Health and Prevention: Diabetics are more likely to be infected with Coronavirus


Dr Muhammad Awad Tajuddin, advisor to the President of the Republic for health and prevention, said that diabetes is one of the diseases that reduce immunity and that diabetics are more likely to contract the Corona virus and all patients with diseases. chronic.

The president’s health advisor pointed out that health care, if politically supported, is very useful and we have a lot of medical experience that was tapped during the crisis.

He pointed out that there are cases and there is an increase in cases right now due to overcrowding, school buses, window closures and severe lack of commitment to wearing masks.

Dr Muhammad Awad Taj al-Din added that presidential initiatives have been influential during the past period in many diseases, indicating that such initiatives as 100 million health initiatives have contributed to the treatment of large numbers of citizens, especially diabetics, and hence they helped reduce the Coronavirus infection.

He pointed out that the Corona virus has been around for a long time and comes from bats, but no one can be sure it was congenital or natural, but reality confirms that we have diseases and infected people and the priority is to treat them and have a vaccine for it.

This took place during the seminar held by the President’s Advisor at Fayoum University, in the presence of Dr. Ahmed Jaber Shedeed, President of the University, the college deans and a number of students.

Dr. Muhammad Awad Taj al-Din held a meeting with the deans of the university faculties with the effort made by the university hospitals in general and the university hospital of the University of Fayoum, especially in the treatment of cases of patients with the virus Corona, thanks to its high quality medical and technical skills..

The president’s advisor stressed that the greatest burden in dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic falls on medical personnel, many of whom have been infected and have died.

Dr Ahmed Jaber Shadid indicated that teaching hospitals at Fayoum University are seeing continued development, both in terms of new hospitals and departments and at the level of new colleges, to which Physiotherapy College has recently been added, which will enter service. over the next few years, explaining that the University Hospital’s isolation hospital can accommodate (120) A well-appointed bed.


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