Add: iPhone 12/12 Pro put to the test in a drop test


Apple has equipped its new iPhone 12 with a more robust display. The glass is covered with ceramic particles, which should make it significantly more resistant to falls. The first drop tests now show how well this new process actually protects devices.

Apple’s iPhone 12 is said to be much more protected from front falls than its predecessor. The device is up to four times more robust when dropped on the display, at least that’s what Apple said in its keynote.

The first case tests now show what to do in concrete terms. In one of those videos posted on YouTube, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are dropped to the ground from a height of 1.8 meters. The result: the iPhone 12 is tough, but not indestructible.,

The damage remains with each fall

If the iPhone 12 falls on the front, the display will chip, but it remains usable. Interestingly, the iPhone 12 Pro is a little more heavily damaged here than the iPhone 12. If it falls on the back, the damage is significantly more severe, no ceramic reinforced mixture is used.

If you fall on the sides, nicks also occur. All in all, it can be said: the iPhone 12 can almost always be used, but it doesn’t look good after a drop.

Previously, it has already been proven how the iPhone 12’s display copes with sharp-edged objects such as coins, stones and keys. Here too it became clear that the new generation has become a little more resilient.

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