Actor Vincent Gallo thinks women and citizens who don’t pay taxes shouldn’t vote


Vincent Gallo: “Giving women the right to vote was a mistake”

The American actor returned to social media to declare his support for Donald Trump. Meanwhile, he has made some controversial statements.

After a long hiatus from the press and social media, American actor and director Vincent Gallo has returned to unequivocally declare his support for presidential candidate Donald Trump. An actor who has been away from cinema, except for a short film in 2019, posted an Instagram post on November 3 in support of Donald Trump’s re-election in face-to-face elections in the United States.

“For 16 years I have turned down almost all requests for interviews, public appearances and distribution of my work. I did my best to avoid the clown show that is social networks. The only reason I have decided to be here now on Instagram is to cheer on President Donald Trump and fight the mutants who oppose him. I pray he wins. I don’t think anyone else in our government has loved America more than Donald Trump. It was amazing to have him as our president and I hope to God he gets re-elected. Giving women the right to vote was a mistake, and that mistake is clearer than ever. Allowing any non-paying citizen to have the right to vote makes no sense. This is not meant to be a provocation. That’s what I believe in, “he wrote in the Instagram post on November 3.

Gallo uses this social network to address more violent phrases to other political figures, such as Canadian President Justin Trudeau (whom he called “sissy”), Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (“ignorant”) and former President Barack Obama. (“White boy”), among other pro-Trump publications.

Most of his work was done in the 1980s and 1990s, when he earned a huge international reputation. Between short films and auteur cinema, he had minor roles in successful films such as “Tudo Bons Rapazes” and “A Casa dos Espíritos”. In addition to being an actor, he is a director, producer and musician.

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