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This week, the State Department of Health is promoting actions to combat dengue, covering the 22 regional health departments, municipal managers and technicians who work in primary and emergency and emergency care and are directly involved in the care of patients with the disease. The goal is to maintain the mobilization against dengue, with the alignment of the protocols between the technical areas and the presentation, to the Ministry of Health, of the Action Plan for Coping in Paraná for the epidemiological period 2020/2021.

“In the previous monitoring period, which ended at the end of July this year, we had the largest disease epidemic in Paraná, with over 227,000 cases and 177 deaths and, in the current period, with three months of follow-up, we have 848 cases and three deaths. For this reason permanent in the State with the integration of the technical areas of Sesa ”, said the Undersecretary of Health, Beto Preto.

This Monday (26), the teams of the Health and Surveillance Directorate of the Secretariat participated in an online technical meeting with the Specialized Secretariat of the Ministry of Health to discuss the Federal Government’s support for activities in the care sector, foreseen for through the Paraná.

“The time is for alignment, integration and dialogue,” explained Sesa director Maria Goretti David Lopes. “That is why the presentation of our planning to fight dengue and also our request for support to the ministry.”

ACTIONS – Among the actions, the Secretariat of State launches this Tuesday (27) a cycle of web conferences on the diagnosis and clinical management of dengue patients. On 27 October and 4 and 11 November, the meetings will be aimed at primary care operators. A second cycle will take place on November 19th and 26th and December 3rd for professionals working in Urgency and Emergency.

“There will be two cycles to reach a greater number of professionals who are entering the health system. Doctors, nurses and nursing technicians will participate in online discussions when we reach the 399 municipalities of the state, ”explained Maria Goretti.

Among the topics of the conferences: identification of symptoms, criteria of agility in the hospitalization of possible cases of dengue fever, laboratory diagnosis, associated comorbid conditions, clinical staging and patient discharge.

Also this week, from 28 to 30, the Secretariat of Health promotes an integrated technical meeting in Maringá to align the disease control strategies, in the presence of the secretary Beto Preto.

In the event, with the participation of the representatives of the Ministry of Health, the Council of Municipal Secretariats of Health (Cosems), the Secretaries of the National Health Council (Conass) and the Pan American Health Organization (OPS), complementary strategies will be discussed on the floor. State action plan for dengue, Zika virus and Chikungunya. There will also be visits to the state ultra-low volume (UBV) facility, health services units (Upa UBS) and municipal surveillance.

MINISTRY – At this Monday’s meeting, Ângela Ribeiro Vargas, representative of the Secretariat for Specialized Care of the Ministry of Health and the National Force of SUS, said that she will forward requests for support from Paraná. “We congratulate the state for the initiative to integrate primary care and surveillance actions into dengue actions. It will surely be a differential in the fight against dengue. With this 2020/2021 Confrontation Plan, Paraná presents a vision of resolve and care that is fundamental for the health of the population, “he said.

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