Ace Combat 7 will have a special DLC for the 25th anniversary of the saga


It’s been nearly two years since the launch of Ace Combat 7, but the game will have a special DLC for the 25 years of the saga, that are celebrated this 2020.

This downloadable content for the game will be available tomorrow, October 28th which will add to a large amount of content and cost around $ 13.

As reported by Bandai Namco, this update will add a number of new fighters and skins, that pay homage to some of the saga’s most remembered ship designs, such as the Ace Combat 2 XFA-27.

In addition to this, the game will have a free update which will add “Casual -Easy-” mode to the title.

Here we leave you the list of items that will include the DLC.


  • CFA-44 Nosferatu Stealth fighter based on next generation aircraft carriers
  • ADMM multi-purpose missile for all directions
  • EML electromagnetic launcher
  • IEWS integrated electronic warfare system
  • XFA-27 aircraft carrier based stealth fighter
  • Stand-Off SOD Dispenser
  • MSTM multi-launch standard missile
  • IEWS integrated electronic warfare system
  • ASF-X Shinden II Advanced Support Fighter
  • RKT rocket launcher
  • Long-range air-to-ship LASM missile
  • 6AAM 6 Target air-to-air missile


  • “Cipher Skin” for F-15C Eagle
  • “Rot Skin” for Typhoon
  • “Indigo Skin” for Gripen E
  • “Grun Skin” for Super Hornet F / A-18F
  • “Gelb Skin” for Su-37 Terminator
  • “Silber Skin” for F-4E Phantom II / F-16 Fighting Falcon
  • “Black Skin” for MiG-31B Foxhound
  • “Snow Skin” for F-14 Super Tomcat
  • “Espada Skin” for Rafale M
  • “Wizard Skin” for YF-23 Black Widow II
  • The “Gault Skin” for the Su-47 Berkut


  • 25th Anniversary Nugget -Phoenix-
  • 25th Anniversary Nugget -Trigger-
  • Ghost
  • Golem (low visibility)
  • Gargoyle (low visibility)
  • Cyclops (low visibility)
  • Skeleton (low visibility)
  • Nagase
  • Shark
  • Warwolf
  • Antares
  • Werewolf
  • Scarface
  • Phoenix
  • Reaper
  • Reaper (ribbon)
  • Viper
  • Omega
  • Ridgebacks
  • Butterfly Master

Ace Combat 7 is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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