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As we head towards the end of 2018, a Merry Christmas for an encrypted asset might be an idea with which you worked together. Whether you're giving yourself or those close to you, Ripple XRP is a perfect choice and its value proposition speaks for itself. For beginners, this is the third most valuable digital currency on the market in terms of market capitalization

XRP is not a holy cryptic verse; has its strengths and weaknesses. The currency was pre-eminent in the titles for negative and positive reasons. However, with the current competition in the market, critics will examine the negatives and supporters will focus on the positive side. A quick overview of the cryptocurrency market will reveal that XRP has its backs covered in many areas.

Long Way for Ripple's XRP Real Life Products

With a bearish market that has lasted for over two months, looking back at XRP performance will not be a big help, but looking where it's heading terms of product launch and price stability, any forecast will be positive. The following months could be the best and the month of December could add a small peak to the whole crypt.

Ripple came to life in 2012 with the aim of making the cross-border money movement easy, fast, continuous and convenient for the ordinary user. Over the years, the team behind the project has been able to develop three main products that will transform the functioning of the banking sector.

Mobile money has been very popular and ripple in the payments market using its native XRP token has changed many lives especially those that could not afford the bank charges and related fees. With their flagship products of xRapid, xCurrent and xVia, the platform offers all those seeking a better banking experience

XRP (XRP) Payment protocol a global brand

Most Altcoins present each other the day exists only on paper and has no real life use cases to show for this. With the XRP currency, spending capacity has been tested and worked and has provided payment solutions to the banking sector and affiliated institutions.

The first company that adopted the Ripple network as a payment solution for cross-border payments was the German bank Fidor. However, as of now, Ripple has the largest amount of industry partnerships, many of which use their protocols, such as Banco de Santander, Mastercard, American Express, Western Union and so on.

There are two types of systems in the crypto verse, the work trial system and the game testing system. Ripple is among the cryptos that operate under the first system, or as it is called, the consent protocol, which to say the least, is the most likely extended among well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). [19659002] However, unlike these two, Ripple already has a defined quantity for their encryption; and this means that the XRP can not be extracted, and in the same way, that no new XRP tokens will be created to change the amount of the coin.

One of the most distinct features of the consent protocol is that it allows the validation of account balances in every transaction deployed in networks and, in this way, double spending is avoided. Automatically, the system will delete any malicious activity implemented by fraudulent people who intend to send a specific agreement to multiple gateways.

Consent occurs when a transaction is implemented in the network and distributed nodes decide by vote what the order picking would be, a process in which the majority establishes the decision in only 5 seconds.

At the time of writing the price of the XRP token is $ 0.277 according to Coinmarketcap. However, this price was mainly influenced by the Bitcoin moves and the generalized downtrend that the market had throughout the year.

In this sense, Ripple continues to work on reports and updates essential to the entire community, as far as the crypt will reach the top again by the end of this year.

In relation to this, several good sources such as fxstreet, express.co.uk and investing have predicted that Ripple could reach considerable heights at the end of the year, reaching scores of $ 8 or $ 10, an increase which would represent 40 or 50 times the current price of the token.

So in terms of pay, the best option would be to buy XRP and keep it until the end of the year to raise the price, a fact that most likely will occur considering the strategies it is working on. Ripple, including the integration of its 3 solutions to achieve mass adoption of the XRP token. [19659002] Ripple proved to be no only a robust and efficient payment platform, but it also showed the market that it is here to stay on top, no matter what. The XRP token can again become the second largest cryptocurrency in just a few months, if all goes well, so we must all be ready for what is coming.

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