A need for joy … Education adopts the initiative to “increase the physical fitness of school students”


Ministry of Education adopts new initiative that will raise the fitness level of school students nationwide to produce a strong generation that can protect the nation and build Egypt’s future, a generation that enjoys health and shape physics that qualifies her to enter the labor market while fully active and progressing in development, and this initiative comes in implementation of the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi paid attention to the physical fitness of school students during the eighth national conference of youth last year.

The Ministry of Education

Mughrdoun confirmed that the project is aimed at all students in different educational stages, adding: “It is not a competition, but rather an open rehabilitation program aimed at increasing the physical competence of students, and everyone has the right to participate.” He stressed that the project is a training for students to play sports. Physical training, such as running, jumping and others, continued: “The system for joining the project will be announced starting next week, with students a month and a half for good training in physical sports and qualification to participate in the project “.

The initiative to increase the physical fitness of school students

Officials confirmed that the physical education teacher will test students to choose the best at the school level, then step up at the administration and then the management level, and ultimately choose the best at the national level and give the winners valuable prizes. , noting that exams can be held during the rest period or after the end of the academic day. , With an emphasis on following precautionary measures and on achieving social distancing, especially since all sports are individual and require no crowding.

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