a link between menopause and Covid-19?


A possible link between menopause and Covid-19? It’s possible: Researchers have shown that they could lower estrogen levels putting older women at greater risk of the disease.

While men are at a higher risk of contracting severe Covid-19 and dying from the disease than women, recent research has suggested that women may have long-lasting infections and symptoms. more common in those who have gone through menopause, relationship The Guardian.

Those findings raised the question of whether hormones like estrogen can play a protective role – hormones that are at higher levels in women than in men, but decrease as women go through menopause.

Estrogen, a protection against Covid-19?

The research team also found that users of the combined oral contraceptive pill – which contains estrogen – had a lower risk of contracting Covid-19. In another study, the team found that women were more at risk of having a “long Covid” than men : Women between the ages of 50 and 60 are more at risk of developing persistent symptoms.

Dr Louise Newson, a menopause specialist and founder of the Menopause Charity, agreed that there could be a number of reasons why postmenopausal women appear to be at higher risk of developing “long-term coronavirus.” But she said there are a number of clues to suggest hormones and Covid-19 are interacting, including many women with long-lasting Covid-19 have reported. changes in their menstrual cycles after catching the virus, their symptoms get worse when their hormone levels are lower.

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