“70 percent of Romanians look at the news with a negative aspect”


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But at the end of the game with Belarus, score 5-3, I received three goals and the guests missed a penalty, and this triggered a lot of discussions.

At the press conference, Mirel Rădoi stood as a bow, ready to burst into less positive questions from journalists.

Mirel Rădoi: “70 percent of Romanians look at the news with a negative aspect”

Extremely civilized, however, Rădoi was tough, and from his cutting speech it was clear that she had gathered a lot in him and wanted to tell them all. Somehow, that’s all confirmed the information that after the games with Iceland and Norway was scrapped.

Among other things, he recalled seeing a national poll in which 70 percent of Romanians watch negative news. And this would be the reason why after 5-3 with Belarus there were questions about our players’ mistakes.

Mirel Rădoi controlled her nerves, but said everything she had in mind

No matter how hard we try to explain it to the players, they can’t help but be influenced by certain things that happen around the national team. Can’t we really be a little more positive? You don’t have to be human, you don’t have to have emotions not to feel. What does it mean to be mentally strong? Oh, if you can’t read anything, aren’t told anything and you have your bubble, then you can. But so?

Nobody said you have to praise us after 4-0 with Norway, 2-1 with Iceland, no! But there are also positives that I see overlooked.

I also understand this survey that was done two years ago, in Romania, where 70 percent of people look at news with a negative side and only 30 percent with news with a positive side. I understand you why everything is happening here, but we have to be a little realistic.

I understand that you often say that the national team players have no value, that the coach is weak, but at the same time I come to ask you: why do you have such high expectations if you think we are so weak ?!“said, among others, Rădoi, willing to sit in front of reporters for an hour. Probably to say everything he had to say.

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Romania national team schedule, November 2020

  • November 11: Romania 5-3 Belarus
  • November 15: Romania – Norway (League of Nations) – 9.45pm, “National Arena” Bucharest
  • November 18: Northern Ireland – Romania (League of Nations) – 9.45pm, Windsor Park Belfast.

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