5 online stores that accept payments with Bitcoin


No one can deny the fact that cryptocurrency will soon be recognized as the accepted means of payment globally. With the advent of bitcoin as the main cryptocurrency in the digital market, more and more online shopping sites are coming, allowing buyers to place orders through coinbase platforms and digital wallets. If you have bitcoins to spend, then you are lucky enough to explore our list of the 5 best online stores that accept bitcoin payments.

  • Overstock Overstock.com, one of the largest US Internet retailers, has partnered with a coin platform that allows users to make payments via bitcoins. For buyers who already use the bitcoin service, you can complete the transaction after initiating the payment on the payment page. Unfortunately, the platform does not allow users to combine bitcoin payment with any other form of payment and this service is only available in the desktop version of the site. Overstock being one of the few online stores that accepts bitcoin payments has made this service available to its international customers. Not only that, the platform also allows users to return and replace both damaged and defective items that qualify equally for reimbursement in the form of bitcoins.
  • eGifter By claiming the second place on our list of online stores that accept bitcoin payments, egifter an online platform allows buyers to use bitcoins as a form of payment to buy gift cards. These gift cards can be purchased against bitcoins, which can then be used in both online and offline stores that do not accept bitcoins directly as payment methods. In addition to overstock that does not allow bitcoin payment on the mobile version of the site, eGifter allows buyers to purchase gift cards against bitcoins on both the mobile app and the desktop version of the site. With over 250 brands affiliated to the platform, the buyer can purchase gift cards to use the uber services and make purchases from online retailers such as macys, home depot, lowes and bestbuys.
  • Newegg Another US-based online retailer, known for selling anything between gadgets and electronics, also accepts bitcoins as payment methods. Buyers should note that Newegg has partnered with BitPay as a payment partner for digital currency processing over all digital orders placed by buyers. In addition, the site provides users with a "15 minute window" to complete the payment and if the payment has failed within this period, the user must try to place another order or change the payment method from the history of the orders in your account. Once the orders are confirmed by bitcoin, the payment will not be returned as bitcoins or other hard currency, but buyers will receive Newegg gift cards.
  • Reeds Jewelers Have you ever asked yourself to buy your desired jewelry against bitcoins? If! Then, thankfully, REEDS Jewelers, another online retailer based in the United States, allowed shopping against bitcoins. Buyers are encouraged to choose from the range of jewelry, loose diamonds and everything in between. The store also encourages buyers to allow the bitcoin portfolio of services as a coinbase to choose from 10,000 different jewelery items under one roof. With more than 65 retail stores within the United States, reel jewelers also claim to provide free armored transportation against purchases of gold bullion and loose diamonds worth over $ 25,000.
  • Gyft Gyft, another US digital gift card platform that allows users to buy, send and exchange gift cards from dozens of online stores against bitcoins. The site has made digital payment quite simple; all you need to do is select your desired gift card, select bitcoin as the payment method and start the payment through the bitcoin wallet. Collaborated with over 200 online retailers, gyft allows buyers to buy gift cards to shop in their favorite fashion stores, restaurants and many services you've always dreamed of.

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