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40 Million Ripple (XRP) transferred to Ripple co-founder

Ripple has taken some big steps lately, enticing financial giants like PNC and Bank of America (BoA) on their side. The third most valuable digital token in the world that focuses on being a bridge currency between global financial institutions has proposed a campaign to achieve goals.

That said, at the beginning of today a large settlement appeared mysteriously in the Ripple XRP register that allowed languages ​​to speak. The address of the recipient would belong to Jed McCaleb – the co-founder of Ripple (XRP). McCaleb is also the brilliant brain behind the cryptocurrency Stellar Lumen. It is yet to be determined why the tokens have been transferred to your account, but there seems to be something in the cards.

The transaction stimulates the conversation

Since the transaction involved millions of millions of XRPs worth millions of dollars, it has not gone unnoticed by the ripple community. In other words, it has attracted a lot of attention. He has triggered a conversion into the community that is full of curiosity.

People are wondering why this money has been moved. Some think it was a pump of McCaleb's blockchain XLM project, or most likely, it could be towards a new Ripple project. Ripple did not come forward to clarify this.

As mentioned above, the address of the recipient belongs to the co-founder of Ripple – who is also the creator of the Monte. Gox exchange.

It is worth noting that McCaleb had a huge amount of $ 20 billion worth of XRP as of January 2018, according to the York Times.

The sender's address apparently belongs to the startup blockchain Ripple itself or to Chris Larsen. It is not clear why the two founders have moved XRP for millions of dollars from one address to another.

In August of this year, the "XRP Monitor" of Twitter Bot reported that 2.3 billion dollars in Ripple (XRP) were moved from Ripple to Jed McCaleb's account.

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