3 Major Partnerships This month: Litecoin (LTC), IOTA (MIOTA), Ripple (XRP)


While market capitalization determines the rankings in the official ranking in such a way as to show the prices of different digital resources, we can say that partnerships can easily classify cryptocurrencies based on the case and on the overall technological value.

That's why partnerships are equal as important as lists, as the acquisition of new partnerships is the key to driving digital assets to mass adoption, as well as finding real-world use cases. for blockchain technology implemented differently.

During the last month, there were several important agreements different cryptocurrencies and blockchain foundations, while some operations were marked as particularly interesting and relevant

Litecoin (LTC) and CoolBitX Partnership

Announced during the second week of September, Litecoin foundation, on the head of LTC founder and CEO Charlie Lee, collaborated with CoolBitX to collaborate on further development

CoolBitX was founded in 2014, only a year before Litecoin was introduced to the market and represents a technology company that aims to bring the cryptocurrencies closer to mass adoption, which is exactly the type of coverage Litecoin will have from this technology company.

Although Litecoin's collaboration with IBM technology giant is probably one of the most important partnerships that this foundation has achieved by far, the partnership with CoolBitX has brought Litecoin's foundation closer to some of the big names of the financial company

CoolBitX is releasing CoolWallet S in collaboration with the foundation Litecoin and Charlie Lee, the holdings of SBI, already in partnership with Ripple, have financed about 13 million dollars together with the Japanese FinTech so that the portfolio was available at an affordable price of 99 $.

As Charlie Lee is showing great appreciation for this portfolio, along with Litecoin and CoolBitX, this technology partner You are thinking of driving the adoption of cryptocurrency through the use of this portfolio, for which Lee says to be one of the best hardware portfolios on the market.

IOTA (MIOTA) and Volkswagen-Bosch-Fujitsu Expansion of Partnership

IOTA could currently represent the main blockchain-based project in the sphere of the Internet of Things as a basis, together with its unique technology called Tangle, managed to attract some big fish from the automotive industry, which would include partnerships with big companies like Volkswagen and BMW.

Although it did not sign any of the partnerships with Volkswagen, Bosch or Fujitsu in September, it was announced at the beginning of September that IOTA plans to expand its partnerships with companies mentioned.

This means that although Volkswagen has already announced its first collaborative project with IOTA, called CarPass ID, which should be available in the first quarter of the following year, the collaboration between the two will not end here, while Volkswagen will Bosch side and Fujitsu will have more cases to use for IOTA's Tangle in the next period.

In this way, IOTA is getting closer to being The mass adopted while showing how Tangle applied together with the IoT can lead to a real technological revolution.

Ripple (XRP) and the National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia

One of the most interesting and most important partnerships until this month of September 2018 could be the announcement of having the bank national trade in Saudi Arabia that joins Ripple Net, making it one of the many financial institutions that have joined the Ripple network.

Ripple Foundation has collaborated with over 120 different banks over the three years since it was launched, also previously in partnership with the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia, now with the commercial bank foll because of its steps with the launch of Ripple technology for remittance payments.

Saudi Arabia Commercial Bank has over 5 million users worldwide and as such will have a major impact on the Ripple foundation since it has now entered the network to support this blockchain project.

Thanks to the increased population of migrant workers, Ripple will allow users of this bank around the world to make their transactions easily and quickly, reducing the costs and time needed for payments to reach their families , friends and relatives

Ripple is also planning to bring xRapid to banks and financial institutions, which is currently being tested by various financial institutions that have previously collaborated with the Ripple foundation.

At the same time, the partnership with the Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia could be the cause of the most recent rebound of XRP against Fiat.

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