3 best pools of Dash Mining 2018



Being one of the top 20 cryptocurrencies in the world, Dash is extracted from thousands of people globally. It is promising, reliable and yet relatively easy to obtain compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum which employ an eternity to generate valid blocks. However, mining alone is not always efficient and profitable: users with more powerful hardware get the reward, and there is always the risk that you stay with nothing.

It is not a match to work collectively: together, Internet users join forces and manage to win many more coins. Where to look for reliable and reliable partners? This review of Dash's best mining pool solutions is here to help.

What is a data mining pool?

Just like other similar pools, a Dash mining pool allows you to work with other miners and their devices across the network to perform complex calculations and generate blocks of data. Generally, the reward is divided among the participants in proportion. This simplifies and accelerates the mining process.

However, not all websites are equally valid for the mining industry, do not rush into the first community you see. There are many factors to consider, in particular the methods used to award prizes and the commission.

After making a detailed comparison between the best miners' pools, three main portals have been defined that are worth trying. All have multiple servers all over the world that facilitate connection.

1. Slush Pool

In fact, Slush Pool is the oldest mining pool down there: it was founded in 2010 as "Bitcoin Pooled Mining Server" and renamed later. Today, Slush Pool is the fourth largest mining basin that includes 11.4% of the total power of the hash. It is not surprising considering the fact that it has servers in the United States, Canada, Europe, Singapore, Japan and China. The website is stable and reliable and users also appreciate it for the simple intuitive interface and a wide range of data mining options.

If you are a beginner, Slush Pool is the best mining pool in Dash to familiarize yourself with the process of searching for coins. For example, you can read the explanation of how payments are calculated, how you earn the hash score, etc. C & # 39; is a demonstrator miner and a simple and advanced interface for more experienced users. Configure your preferences for the mining devices you want to work with.

The minimum payment threshold is equal to 0.001 BTC (the DASH will be calculated in an equivalent way), although all payments lower than 0.01 BTC are debited with an additional cost. The cost of the pool is 2%, which is quite democratic.

  Slush Pool account
Slush Pool account

2. F2Pool

Also called DiscusFish, F2Pool is headquartered in China and was founded in 2013. It has some servers in China, as well as in the United States and Hong Kong. This coin coin Dash pool represents around 5.5% of the total hash rate and offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies to be earned.

It is interesting to note that F2Pool makes daily payments on a PPS basis (payment per share) of three percent negative. All transaction fees go to the pool. The minimum withdrawal amount is equivalent to 0.005 BTC. There are also some small but pleasant incentives for miners, for example, for each LTC mined you get 1,000 free DOGEs.

Generally, F2Pool is reliable and efficient, but you need to know the English language to get help from the forums – the website is only available in Chinese. The registration process is a neck problem because you need a mobile phone to verify your identity via text message.

  F2Pool interface
F2Pool interface

3. AntPool

Being the best mining pool in 2017, AntPool remains on top of the popularity and is now the largest mining basin that owns about 25% of the hash percentage worldwide. It has servers worldwide and implements a P2P data mining protocol to quickly connect with other devices.

As soon as you set up your account and start mining, payments will be executed daily if you have managed to extract at least 0.001 BTC. Users are free to select the reward method. Typically, people prefer payment per share (a 4% commission on payment plus 2% of each transaction). However, there is also payment for last N Shares – it's free but AntPool keeps transaction fees.

  AntPool website
AntPool website

Mining Pool Comparison

To select the best platform for Dash pool mining, check the difference between popular mining platforms:





Reliable and offers servers in different regions

High commissions


Transparent tariff structure, several cryptocurrencies are supported

Mobile phone needed to register


Easy navigation and choice of reward mode

Lower payments


Trust, miners share transaction fees [19659028] Problems with website navigation can happen accidentally


No registration process required, low costs

Poor functionality and functionality

Only mining requires too many resources and a hash rate that can take a bite from your wallet. Two heads are better than one, and when it comes to mining, the more entrants they attract, the greater the chance to earn coins. With the best Dash mining pools at your disposal, you can multiply your profits exponentially.

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