2 TV series are shot from the screen below!


The series projects Güvercin and Yeni Hayat hail the screens because they remain below the desired level in the ratings that determine the future of television series. The Güvercin and Yeni Hayat series, who started broadcasting with high hopes and could not meet the success criteria they aimed for, will be removed with the decision made.

2 TV series are shot from the screen below!

Especially in recent years, many projects that try to ensure their presence in the TV series market but fail to achieve the expected rating results due to difficult competitive conditions have to make it one by one in the final. The broadcast life of series projects Güvercin and Yeni Hayat will end, which failed to deliver the expected economic return in the television industry and gradually fell in the rating rankings.

Although he had a successful turn first with his notable subject on the Star TV channel, he began to gradually drop further down the charts due to the emergence of some plot issues. Although it is underwhelming in viewing rates, it is tolerated for a certain amount of time and does not immediately do the final to increase From the pigeons series because there is no return Wednesday 28 October in history With episode 16 She prepares to leave her lovers.

Yeni Hayat, another TV series project that will end its broadcast journey by reaching the finals, although many people enjoyed the performances of the actors in the cast and the surprising storyline, the ratings have not achieved the pleasing results regardless of what they have. done.

Although the New Life series, which brings together the duo of Serkan Çayoğlu and Melisa Aslı Pamuk under one roof, has been opposed by users across the social media platform not to say goodbye to the screen, its on-screen adventure was very brief because could not settle the unfortunate in the vision. Even though they went through a rigorous process of preparing for the new broadcast period, they failed to make progress while aiming. New Life series Thursday 29 October in history With chapter 9 will appear on the screen for the last time.


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