10 popular alternatives to CoinMarketCap


1. CoinGecko

CoinGecko is a cryptocurrency ranking site that evaluates the world's major digital currencies through a series of key criteria. The coins are classified according to factors such as developer activity, community, liquidity, market capitalization and public interest. And it's something that helps CoinGecko stand out from the crowd.

You can also access a wide range of other important cryptocurrency metrics. This information is then used to formulate an overall rating of 100.

It is an interesting and useful way for cryptotyping enthusiasts to get more information about coins and on tokens that might consider buying market capitalization and liquidity, so it's worth taking a look at CoinGecko if you're looking for an alternative to CoinMarketCap.


  • View prices encrypted in a huge range of legal currencies
  • Easy access to information on essential coins
  • Coins valued based on development activities, community support and public interest
  • Provides details on upcoming ICOs
  • Crypto event calendar


  • Some other options have slightly weaker user interfaces best
  • Although its rankings provide a useful starting point when looking for a cryptocurrency, they should never be the only resource on which to base their decisions [19659014] 2. Live Coin Watch

    If you are looking for a cryptographic tracking website that offers a clean user interface and a bunch of essential cryptographic data, you might want to add Live Coin Watch to your bookmarks. Launched in 2017, the site allows to track price movements, trading volumes, circulating coins supply, market capitalization and much more for over 2,000 currencies.

    The most enjoyable feature of Live Coin Watch is its design – not only is it easy for the eye, all the information you need is presented in a logical and direct way. There are portfolio and checklist options, you can track price movements in a series of legal currencies and you can choose how often you want to update your site data.

    And because the encryption prices on South Korean markets are often much higher than in the rest of the world, it is also an option to exclude Korean markets from data.


    • User-friendly interface [19659007] Wide range of search filters
    • Allows you to set up your own wallet and your own watchlist
    • Display prices in BTC, ETH and more than 30 Fiat currencies (including AUD)

    3. CoinCodex

    CoinCodex collects real-time coin prices, charts and information on the encrypted market for over 2400 coins in over 110 exchanges. Currencies are listed in order of market capitalization and by clicking on any currency you can view its price table, 24 hour trading volume and the latest price on a range of exchanges. You can also access a quick summary of currency features, the latest news related to that currency and a selection of guides and tutorials.

    Another useful feature is the active and upcoming CoinCodex calendar of ICO, which allows you to search key details of new cryptographic projects and potentially enter the ground floor


    • Easy to use
    • Lets track more than 2,400 coins
    • ICO Calendar


    • Annoying ad insertion on the home page
    • It's not as easy on the eyes as some other options

    4. OnChainFX

    While some sites on this list offer only the basics, OnChainFX takes a much more complete approach to cryptographic data. All the usual things are there, including price movements and 24-hour trading volumes, but it's the extra details that help distinguish OnChainFX.

    For example, if you want to know more about bitcoin, you can use OnChainFX to find the percentage of the total BTC supply issued, its market capitalization implicit in the year 2050, the return on investment (ROI ) of figures ranging from periods of one week to five years and details on the future BTC issue rate. You can even see how much it would cost you to become a member of the "Vladimir Club", which refers to owning 1% or more of the total bitcoin supply.

    Unfortunately, all this information could be a bit overwhelming for those new to crypto and the site currently offers only data for over 100 coins.


    • Offers a wide range of coin information [19659007] Shows the percentage of coin supply issued
    • Show the figures of ROI


    • The amount of information displayed is a bit oppressive at first sight
    • Not suitable for beginners
    • No API or mobile app yet [19659007] At the time of writing (August 2018), lists only 107 currencies

    5. CoinCheckup

    Founded in 2017, CoinCheckup was created with the goal of increasing the transparency of cryptocurrency markets. To this end, it not only provides basic information on coin tracking as graphs of prices and trading volumes, but also detailed analyzes and forecasts to provide users with in-depth information on the currencies they are considering to buy.

    Each currency is ranked on a wide range of factors including the strength of its team, the product it has to offer, community awareness, the team's response to requests and the level of active development. Algorithm of each coin is also assigned a score of five, and the CoinCheckup team has published a detailed description of its formula for calculating coins on its website.

    It is a useful resource for anyone looking for cryptographic projects before buying, but the sheer volume of the information provided can be a bit overwhelming at the beginning


    • Data for over 1,700 coins
    • Provides detailed analysis and forecasting of coins

      Easy access to all necessary information


    • Announcements can be boring
    • Make sure you understand how coins are evaluated before considering the analyzes provided
    • The amount of information provided could be a bit overwhelming for the encrypted novices

    6. Coinlib

    A cryptocurrency price and portfolio tracker, Coinlib provides easy access to key facts and statistics on 4,680 digital currencies. If you want to find the price of a currency, market capitalization, trading volume or supply, you will quickly be able to find all the necessary details on Coinlib.

    There are detailed breaks in trading volumes between different stock exchanges and currencies, while other features include a portfolio tool, market news, price alerts and a cryptocurrency converter.

    It is a practical and well-structured site that is worth giving a look.


    • Access important data on over 4,600 coins
    • Available iOS and Android apps
    • Simple and intuitive to use [19659007] Show ROI data and technical analysis information


    • Some other platforms on this list are slightly more suitable for beginners

    7. BitInfoCharts

    BitInfoCharts provides access to a stock of facts and figures important to a series of leading cryptocurrencies. If you want to find the number of transactions of a currency in the last 24 hours, the amount sent in the last 24 hours, the average transaction value, the average transaction fee, the difficulty of extraction and more, this site is worth the worth trying. Other essential details such as prices, price charts, market capitalization and coin supply are also included.

    However, the layout of the site is quite messy and the huge amount of data launched can be a bit overwhelming. If you're a new crypto, you may find that other sites offer cryptographic information in a format that is easier to digest.

    Pro [19659006] Heaps of useful information

  • Quick access to important statistics for important coins


  • The layout is confused and overwhelming
  • Not a cute site
  • List only a limited number of coins

8. Coinratecap

Coinratecap is another site focused on providing essential cryptographic information in an easy-to-read format. It offers real-time prices, market capitalisations, trading volumes of 24 hours and over for over 2,000 coins and allows you to view the encrypted prices in a wide range of legal currencies.

The site itself is quite user-friendly and you will have no problem surfing around. However, if you want detailed information and analysis on coins, you will have to look elsewhere.


  • Simple and direct to use
  • Data on more than 2,000 coins
  • Track the encryption prices in more than 100 fiat currencies


  • Does not provide the same level of detail as some other platforms

9. CoinCap

Launched in 2015, CoinCap aims to provide quick and easy access to cryptocurrency market data in real time. Although the homepage of the site seems a bit occupied, it allows you to view the limits of the coin market, the weighted average prices for volume, current prices, the available offer and more. Click on any coin to give a closer look at its historical price chart.

Perhaps the best thing CoinCap has done is that it offers apps for iOS and Android devices, which allow you to monitor encrypted markets when and where it's convenient for


  • Display prices in BTC, ETH and 18 fiat currencies
  • Available iOS and Android apps
  • CoinCap API available


  • No more UI cute that goes around
  • It does not offer the same level of functionality as some other platforms

10. CryptoCompare

Founded in 2014, CryptoCompare offers real-time prices, charts and market analysis from 65 cryptographic exchanges. You'll find over 1,000 coins listed on the site, and although the layout may not be the most user-friendly design, it's still relatively simple to use and to find the information you need.

Other features of CryptoCompare include reviews and practical guides, a user forum, a portfolio tool and information on upcoming and active ICOs. If you're looking for an alternative to CoinMarketCap, this is another site to consider.


  • Easy access to useful information about coins [19659007] View the volume of exchanges by currency and exchange
  • Founded in 2014


  • Other sites have slightly better layout

The bottom row

Compare the characteristics of a range of CoinMarketCap alternatives to see how they stacked against the original and the one against the other. This will help you find the cryptographic comparison and price monitoring platform that offers everything you need.

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Disclosure: At the time of writing, the author holds ADA, ICX, IOTA and XLM.

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